There are 2 main movements of scouting in Luxembourg: the FNEL, Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses Luxembourg and the LGS, Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten who gave rise to various linguistic networks.

Scouts in LuxembourgAllowing your children and teenagers to participate to scouts activities will enable them to meet other children and create extra-curricular friendship connexions. Moreover, participating to activities outside or inside, respecting nature and other teach children values that they will remember all life long.
The valuable principles of scouting and pathfinders are observed:  the empowerment of children and young people, the blooming of social life, team spirit development, the learning of tolerance, the respect of nature and others… and so many different values which are only taught by living together and sharing moments and activities.

Moreover, camps and meetings are organised during the school holidays and on the weekends allowing your children to meet other young people in a united and educational spirit.

Fédération Nationale des Éclaireurs du Luxembourg – FNEL

FNEL LuxembourgThe FNEL, Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs du Luxembourg, is a laic scouting movement, that you can enrol in from 6 years old onwards. There are several sections depending on your children’s age. They organise multiple activities focused on nature, group and sharing activities.

Diverse groups are in service in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. More information on the website

Robert-Schuman French-speaking unit

Eclaireurs Luxembourg section Robert SchumanThe Robert Schuman unit is the French-speaking unit of FNEL and is open to children from 8 years old.

For more information, consult the site.

Telstar English-speaking unit

Telstar section anglophone scouts Luxembourg

Telstar is the FNEL’s Fédération Nationale des Éclaireurs et Éclaireuses du Luxembourg English-speaking unit. The children can participate in it from 6 years old onwards. More information on the website.

Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten- Guides and Scouts Luxembourg – LGS

Guides et scouts Luxembourg

LGS is a movement of Catholic scouting. The children can participate in it from 6 years old onwards. More  information on website.