Scouts, Guides and Scouts Luxembourg

You Would you like to give your children the opportunity to meet other children or young people of the same age? You want them to offer the opportunity to create new friendships outside of school?

Enroll them in a Boy Scout, Girl Guide or Girl Scout movement. There are 3 scouting federations in Luxembourg:

  • the FNEL or Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses du Luxembourg, the
  • a LGS, Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten and the ESL,
  • Europa Scouten vu Lëtzebuerg.

Scouting in Luxembourg

With 3 scouting federations, you are sure to find the right movement for your children.

They will be able to blossom by regularly participating in outdoor or indoor activities, while respecting the environment. In addition, through Scouting, they will learn values that will be useful throughout their lives.

Whatever thescouting movement chosen, we find common values of empowerment of children and young scouts and scouters, fulfillment within a social life in group with the development of team spirit and sharing, learning tolerance, respect for nature …

Tablets and other social networks are forgotten in favor of group games, outdoor activities and knowledge of natural resources. So many reasons for

In addition,camps organized during school vacations or weekend meetings allow children to meet regularly with other young people in a spirit of solidarity and education. They create true friendships throughout the years.

Since 2019, HRH the Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume has assumed the position of Chief Scout of Luxembourg following the death of his grandfather, Grand Duke Jean .

Scouting movements

National Federation of Scouts of Luxembourg – FNEL

FNEL LuxembourgThe FNEL, Fédération Nationale des Eclaireurs du Luxembourg is a secular scouting movement, which welcomes children from 6 years old. There are several sections depending on the age of your children. The multiple activities are oriented towards nature, group activities and sharing.

Various groups are active in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. You can find more information on the website

Robert Schuman Francophone Unit

Eclaireurs Luxembourg section Robert SchumanThe French-speaking Robert Schuman unit of the Luxembourg Girl and Boy Scouts operates from the age of 8. For more information, please visit urs .lu.

Telstar English Unit

Telstar English-speaking section scouts LuxembourgTelstar is the English-speaking unit of the National Scout Federation of the FNEL. Children can participate from the age of 6. More information on the website

Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten- Guides and Scouts of Luxembourg – LGS

Guides and Scouts LuxembourgChildren can participate in the LGS from the age of 6. More information on the

The Saint Alphonsus Group (in Portuguese Agrupamento de Escuteiros de Santo Afonsoor simply “AESA”) is the Portuguese speaking unit of the Lëtzebuerger Guiden a Scouten. The movement has been active since 1982.

Membership is possible from the age of 7. More information on

Europa Scouten vu Lëtzebuerg – Scouts of Europe in Luxembourg

Guides and Scouts of Europe LuxembourgThe Europa Scouten vu Lëtzebuerg are members of the International Union of European Guides and Scouts.

With over 55,000 members, they work according to the same fundamental Catholic principles.

Access is possible from 8 years old.

More information on the site