Organize an unforgettable children’s party or birthday party

Children’s birthdays are very important in Luxembourg. It’s one of your children’s birthdays and you don’t know where or how to celebrate? Here you’ll find all the information you need to help you organize this event or other special events for children: baptism, bar mitzvah or communion.

In Luxembourg, almost anything is possible. These establishments can also offer special children’s entertainment for weddings or family celebrations.

Why organize your child’s birthday party?

First of all, by organizing your child’s birthday party, you’re bound to please him or her. What better way to celebrate the birth of your child than by inviting friends and schoolmates to a party?

As an expatriate, your child’s birthday party is also an opportunity to meet new people. What better way to develop your network and integrate? Who knows, maybe you can make some new friends?

So don’t hesitate to offer your little ones an unforgettable children’s party.

Animations and children’s parties in Luxembourg

You don’t have the space to welcome your children’s classmates to your home to celebrate their birthdays? Many organizations offer to organize and host your child’s party on their premises.

You can opt for a group outing to the cinema to see a movie together. Be careful with the language versions of the movies, so that everyone can follow the plot. This is especially true when your children are in the lower grades of the basic schools.

Sports clubs and swimming pools also offer birthday entertainment.

Youth hostels are also ideal for celebrating children’s birthdays. They make their infrastructures available to organize the most beautiful children’s parties. What’s more, all the logistics for the birthday party can be provided on site.

Leisure parks also organize birthday parties. Among the most active in this field, they organize unforgettable birthday parties for your children.

You can choose from several birthday packages, with or without entertainment. The only requirement is that you book well in advance. Group slots are in high demand, especially in May and June.

You can also book special events linked to art workshops or even museums.

Don’t hesitate to contact these different structures to organize a tailor-made children’s party. This list is of course not exhaustive.

Do you want to organize the party for your child yourself?

You want to organize the party yourself and would like to get some advice on how to best plan the event?

Companies specializing in children’s entertainment

Contact companies specializing in children’s events at home. You can choose a theme according to the age or preferences of your children, as well as the language chosen for the animation.

Some structures to contact to help you animate your party:

Animakids: for your child’s birthday party or any other festive event with children, Animakids takes care of everything in your home. Welcoming children, magic shows and balloon sculptures are Animakids classics. You can also rent inflatables. Everything is planned: games, crafts, treasure hunts, snacks, etc.
Animakids also offers entertainment for corporate and family events. Several packages are available, including turnkey shows, themed entertainment and all-inclusive packages.

Dreaming factory : Make the party even more magical with balloons ! Dreaming factory takes care of the decoration. Toff, magician and balloon sculptor, will introduce children to the magic of balloons in his Kids Magic Show. Its magic balloons will animate all the events: birth, baptism, birthday, communion, wedding, etc.

Happyfaces: professional face painting company, Happyfaces livens up your birthday parties. They offer several activities for your children. Their specialty: face painting and ephemeral tattoos. They can also offer bodypainting for adults.

Parents & Kids offers you to organize fun and recreational birthday parties. Alina and her team’s specialty is piñata with candy filling! The animations are in several languages.
The little extra: night watch/babysitting service for your family parties.

Kids bus, your happy birthday bus-service.
Emile Weber, Luxembourg’s leading bus transport company, offers a wide range of transport activities in the Grand Duchy, including bus transport for children.

Birthday cake

All that’s left to do is plan the birthday cake! This can be homemade or ordered from a patissier.

But don’t forget that your child will probably want to bring a birthday cake to school. He’ll be proud to share it with his classmates. The tradition is to go round all the classes and offer a piece to everyone. So plan big enough to please everyone.

4 must-see sites for children’s activities

In Luxembourg, many activities are organized every week. The problem is keeping up to date when you’re a new expatriate. Whether as a family or to invite your children’s friends, be sure to register on these sites., all information and leisure activities for children in Luxembourg

Probably the best known of all, is almost an institution in Luxembourg. The website is very complete and well constructed. It features a wide selection of events and leisure activities especially for children . You’ll also find lots of tips on the best way to invite your toddler’s friends, as well as ideas for games and birthday parties.

The site also contains a wealth of information about children. The information is clear and easily accessible in several sections, dedicated to both parents and children. You can easily find targeted information. In Luxembourg or at the border, you are guaranteed to find activities!
In addition, the site also provides a lot of advice for parents. Among other things, it provides good addresses concerning maternity, childcare, etc., information about children in Luxembourg

In the same line as PetitWeb, is a website of ideas for children and family. It also offers a lot of information about children in Luxembourg.
The site features a specialized childcare section , as well as a diary, blog, activities, birthday and parents category. These different sections cover a large part of the information you need to know when living or moving to Luxembourg as a family.
Well-designed, the site is comprehensive and dynamic. He’s also very active on Facebook! Its little plus? Fun, home-made comic illustrations that are always up to date., Luxembourg events for children

Created by Dominique Bissot, a Belgian expatriate in Luxembourg, is also dedicated to the world of children and to all the events that may interest them. When you live in or arrive in Luxembourg with children, you should know about this website.

The site offers a sharp selection of events for children. It also offers various useful information for parents and families! The bonus? Extremely precise classification for easy access to the information you need. The website is constantly updated with the latest news (vacations, celebrations, etc.)., information and other good plans in English is an English-speaking platform that also lists many activities and good plans. There are a lot of ideas to keep the kids busy every weekend, useful links for parents and a “Top Picks” section
As on the three websites dedicated to families mentioned above, you will find information about activities and events for children and parents.

See also our “outings and leisure” section to get away and have a good time with your family!