The children birthday’s parties are very important in Luxembourg. It enables you to celebrate the birth of your child by inviting friends or schoolmates to a celebration. This will only make your child happy.

Your child’s birthday party is also a significant opportunity to meet parents and develop your network. Who knows, maybe you can make also new friends?  This last point should not be neglected, especially in a context where you are a newcomer to Luxembourg.

So, you would like to offer an unforgettable children’s party for a special event such as a baptism, a bar mitzvah, a communion, a wedding, a family celebration? Just Arrived has thought of you and is helping you to organize this event!

Children’s birthday party entertainment in Luxembourg

Fêter l'anniversaire de vos enfants Luxembourg

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It’s the birthday of one of your children and you don’t know where and how to celebrate it? In Luxembourg, almost everything is possible. Many structures offer to organize and animate your child’s party. 

You can choose an outing to the cinema to see a film together, but be careful with the language versions of the films so that everyone can follow the movie plot. This is especially true when your children are in the lower grades of elementary schools.

Sports clubs, swimming pools, or even youth hostels equipped with sports facilities also offer birthday entertainment.

Artistic workshops or even museums also offer activities.

As for indoor or even outdoor leisure parks, they more or less all organize birthday parties and snacks. They are the most active in this field and are part of the essential birthday celebrations for your children.

Do not hesitate to contact these different structures to organize a tailor-made children’s party. This list is of course not exhaustive.

Do you want to organise the party yourself?

You wish you could organise the party yourself and would like to obtain advice to plan the event at best?

We recommend you the website. You will find numerous tricks on the best way to invite your toddlers’s friends as well as ideas of games and birthday tea parties.

Also contact companies that specialize in hosting events for children at home. You can choose a theme according to the age or preferences of your children, as well as the language chosen for the animation.

All you have to do now is plan the cake! Homemade or ordered from a pastry shop, remember that your child will probably ask to bring one to school to share with his classmates.