Immigrate and integrate in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a country that attracts many expatriates and immigration candidates. Alone or with your family, do you also want to move to Luxembourg?
JUST ARRIVED is here to provide you with all the necessary information about Luxembourg in order to comfort you in your choice of expatriation and help you in your settlement and your daily life in Luxembourg.

Fitting in a new town or country is not always easy as an expat or an expat’s partner. It is important to quickly organise yourself and create new bearings, especially if you have children and a family to take care of.
Just Arrived helps you overcoming difficulties and pitfalls in order to integrate easily.

Guide to emigrate in Luxembourg

Guide Just Arrived Luxembourg Edition 2019-2020

To help you in your move, order our resident in Luxembourg Just Arrived guide.

You will find all the information and the necessary steps for a serene expatriation in your new host country there.