Living in Luxembourg City, what do you need to know?

Do you want to live in Luxembourg City? Which neighborhood to choose to live in or to go out in? Your choice should be based on several criteria depending on whether you are alone or with your family. Do you like to go out and like to be entertained? Do you want to live close to your workplace? Where will your children attend school?

Here is an overview of Luxembourg City and its different districts. This will allow you to define your choices based on what is important in your lifestyle. Want to live further away? No problem, at least you will be able to find your way around more easily.

Luxembourg, an international city with many facets

Discover the city of Luxembourg, capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. With its 24 neighborhoods, it has multiple facets to better meet the needs and lifestyle of everyone. The capital has many secrets and beautiful places that are waiting to be discovered.

Its old quarters and fortifications, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, are witnesses to the history of the country. Living and going out in the old districts of Clausen, Grund or Ville-Haute are a pleasure for Luxembourg residents. The Pfaffenthal is appreciated for its village atmosphere and its direct connection to the city via the panoramic elevator.

Its developments and modern buildings in the Kirchberg and Cloche d’Or districts reflect the economic dynamism of a city resolutely turned towards the future. The city of Luxembourg will never cease to amaze and delight you!

We present here illustrated overviews of the different districts of Luxembourg City so that you can get to know them better in terms of infrastructure(schools, transportation, …), housing, atmosphere or architecture. Each district has its own specificities: family, residential, historical, business-oriented, … So take the time to walk around and discover them.


The top 5 districts of Luxembourg

According to, a real estate search portal in Luxembourg, the most sought-after neighborhoods to live in are, in order, Bonnevoie, Ville-haute, Gasperich, Belair and Limpertsberg.

The Bonnevoie district represents an excellent quality/price ratio. Indeed, it benefits from a price per m2 lower than the average of the districts of the city of Luxembourg. Well located and lively, it meets many criteria for families or single people wishing to settle in Luxembourg.

The Downtownarea is the nerve center where everything happens. Commercial and economic activities, excellent location for going out, pleasant surroundings, …

The Gasperich district is the up-and-coming district, thanks in particular to the recently opened Cloche d’Or sector, which is still under development. New shopping center, French campus of the Vauban school, new business district to compete with the Kirchberg district, direct access to the freeways via the Croix de Gasperich, new stops for the tramway by the end of the year… Gasperich does not lack assets.

Belair and Limpertsberg, remain the safe bet, very popular with expatriates. Excellent environment, green and residential setting, proximity to major school campuses,… However, prices are high .

Population of the city of Luxembourg

Number of inhabitants as of January 1, 2022

Number of different nationalities

  • of foreign population 70,82% 70,82%

With a population of 132,778 inhabitants as of January 1, 2023 and a growth of more than 3% over one year, the City of Luxembourg is a dynamic and international city that never ceases to charm us .

Almost 17,000 people arrived in Luxembourg from abroad last year. Only 5,900 people left Luxembourg, 9,400 went to another Luxembourg commune.

Nearly 170 different nationalities live here and more than 70% of the population is not originally from Luxembourg. The district of Cents is today the only district still with a Luxembourgish majority.

The French community represents 16% of the total population. It is the first foreign community.

The Portuguese community represents 9%. of the population, the Italian community 7%.

Which district to choose in Luxembourg?

Residential areas

The city of Luxembourg is developing very fast and each district is more or less residential.

Some of these areas will continue to develop in the coming years due to a lack of housing. This is notably the case for the districts of Gasperich, which is continuing its development, Cessange , following in the footsteps of its neighbor Gasperich, and Kirchberg, which benefits from an important land reserve in its northern part. Well connected to the center, thanks in particular to the public transport network , they offer great prospects. The streetcar is an important asset for the neighborhoods it passes through.

The most popular districts for international executives and expatriates are Limpertsberg, Merl, Belair and more recently Gasperich and Cessange. Pfaffenthal with its old-fashioned architecture and village atmosphere is also popular. It is however difficult to park there, as in all the old districts. Cents and Hamm, on the other hand, are two residential neighborhoods, inhabited mostly by Luxembourg citizens. Neudorf and Weimershof are also more residential neighborhoods, with very few shops.

The most lively districts of Luxembourg are the station district, Clausen and the Grund, especially for going out at night. Gasperich is in the middle of a real estate boom with the Cloche d’Or district. Bonnevoie is also very pleasant, but a little less central. Like the Station area, however, it can be crowded at night in some parts. Kirchberg is very lively during the day, due to the presence of European administrations and numerous financial institutions. However, it tends to be rather deserted in the evening, except around cultural points such as the Kinepolis cinema and the Philharmonie.

The most expensive districts of Luxembourg-City are Limpertsberg, Belair, Kirchberg and now Gasperich, which is being pulled up with the new constructions of the Cloche d’Or. For more accessible areas in terms of rent, target the train station (except on the Pétrusse side), Bonnevoie-Sud, Hollerich (Gasperich side), Cessange, Mühlenbach, Eich and Weimerskirch.

Beware of the noise of the planes ofthe airport of Findel on certain places of the sectors of Bonnevoie, Gasperich, Hamm, Cents.

Choice of the district of Luxembourg according to the schools

The schooling of your children is also a decisive element in the choice of your future place of residence in Luxembourg City.

The French Primary School and the French High School Vauban are installed since the start of the 2017 school year in Luxembourg-Gasperich.

Several Luxembourg high schools and the International School of Luxembourg (ISL) are located in Merl. Elegant, quiet and very well served by bus, this neighborhood is very interesting, as is its neighbor Hollerich in its upper part.

The European School I and II are located in Kirchberg and Mamer respectively, outside the city of Luxembourg. The assignment to either school will depend on your language and nationality. You can find out more directly on the European School’s website.

St George’s School is located inHamm. The cities of Sandweiler and Itzig (Hespérange municipality) can be relevant choices, at slightly lower rates.

The French and Luxembourgish school Notre-Dame Ste Sophie is located in Weimershof, near the Kirchberg and Limpertsberg.

Learn more about international schools.

Business districts to live next to your work

If you work for one of the European institutions, or large companies, the districts of Kirchberg, Weimershof and Neudorf can be interesting. The latter two are particularly residential and quiet. Few shops are available.

The Cloche d’Or district is a new district in full development. Located at 10 km from the city center of Luxembourg, it touches the districts of Luxembourg-Gasperich and Cessange. A new lifestyle is to be created in this new district, which favors a balance between residential, business and commercial areas. Directly connected to the train station by public transport, it will have a direct link to the city center in 2022 and to Findel airport in 2024 via thetramway.

With excellent access to the freeways of the Greater Region, more and more large companies are establishing their headquarters here. Some 6,000 employees will be established in the area 30 local stores (including a large shopping center), 6,000 employees are expected to work in the companies in the area, as well as nearly 3,000 students, half of whom attend the Lycée Français Vauban. Eventually, nearly 25,000 people will be living in this district, which is scheduled for completion in 2025. In addition, a vast ecological program is in place with the upcoming creation of the largest park and green space in Luxembourg.

Living in Luxembourg

Each district of Luxembourg is special. Visit them to compare them and determine which one best suits your needs. You’re bound to find the one you want to live in. Learn more about real estate prices in Luxembourg.

Discover the city of Luxembourg before moving there

Visit the city of Luxembourg with guides

The Luxembourg City Tourist Office – LCTO offers different walks in the city of Luxembourg at very affordable prices: All in one tour, individual or group walks, by bus or on foot, night walks, or fun and cultural walks, adapted for children and families.

You can visit the capital according to your budget and your desires, alone or accompanied by other members eager to discover the history and architecture of Luxembourg City. The aim of these walks is to show you what is interesting to know and see in Luxembourg: its shops, theatmosphere of its different districts, but also its institutions, its specialties and its monuments.

The itineraries are designed to make the most of the city and its tourist potential. Prices range from 12 to 55 euros. For more information on the visits of Luxembourg.

Do you want to discover other cities around Luxembourg? Interesting places to live…

City-app: all the information about the city of Luxembourg

City App VDL lists a lot of useful and practical information: agenda of activities offered by the city, administrative information, traffic in Luxembourg City, transport with bus schedules, remaining places in the parking lots, tourist circuits to discover…

The latest news about the Luxembourg capital and its urban life are also relayed.

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Consult other municipalities

Unless you prefer the countryside to the city? Outside Luxembourg-City, several villages and neighboring towns are very pleasant to live in: Howald, Hespérange, Strassen, Bertrange, Mamer, Bridel, Bereldange and Walferdange. Niederanven, Schuttrange and Sandweiler offer a more rural setting, without being out of the way.

Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette
Bertrange Hesperange
Niederanven Sandweiler
Strassen Walferdange