Find a home quickly

The real estate market in Luxembourg is a tense market, dominated by owners. Supply is not enough to meet demand. So how can you find the apartment or house of your dreams quickly? Here we give you our best tips and tricks for renting or buying in Luxembourg.

Our 5 tips for an effective housing search

1 – Determine all your search criteria

Looking for a house or an apartment to buy or to rent is not something you can improvise. Determine with all members of the household the needs of each:

  • number of rooms,
  • bathrooms,
  • Separate toilet, in Luxembourg the toilets are often installed in the bathrooms
  • open kitchen or not,
  • office or extra room if one of the family members telecommutes
  • garden, terrace,
  • garage,
  • urban or rural environment,
  • proximity to public transportation,
  • schools, workplace,… See the neighborhoods where to live in Luxembourg-City
  • average and maximum budget (beware of additional costs)

Write down all your criteria and feel free to rework them as you go along. Rank them in order of importance. Is it negotiable or uncompromising. Refer to this list every time you visit a property. This will avoid missing a major criterion for family well-being.

2 – Create alerts on real estate portals, be proactive

Stay alert on properties for sale or rent. Do not hesitate to contact the real estate agencies in charge of the properties under compromise that you like. You will make yourself known and inform them that you are looking for the same type of property. They will put you in their file and will be more likely to contact you if they know you are a potential buyer.

It is important to know that more and more sales or rentals in Luxembourg are made on file, in off-market. Only the lowest quality properties are externalized, once the personal file of the agencies is already informed.

3 – Use word of mouth

Traditional or virtual word-of-mouth, don ‘t hesitate to let people know you are looking for an apartment or a house. Social networks can help you, as well as your acquaintances. Several real estate groups exist on Facebook

4 – Get help from a real estate hunter

The best way to find a home is through intermediaries who know the market. They can help you refine your search and determine your criteria. They will be able to advise you on the different districts of Luxembourg or communes corresponding to your search criteria according to your needs. They will advise you on the properties that match your budget.

By entrusting your search to a real estate hunter, you can delegate the first real estate prospecting visits. He will keep you informed of the progress of his research. You will be able to refine your search as you go along until you find the ideal home for you and your family.

The real estate professionals will also assist you in the administrative procedures related to the signature of the lease contract or the signature of the deed of purchase at the notary.

To ensure the best service, you will probably sign an exclusive search mandate for a period of 1 or 3 months. Each mandate is specific and determines the expected performance. The remuneration of the services of the real estate hunter will be calculated either in percentage on the amount of the sale or the price of the rent, or in fixed commission. This will be paid after the service is completed.

5 – Prepare your file

In case of acquisition, consult banks and financial organizations to finalize your budget beforehand. This way, you will know from the start how much you can spend on your purchase. You’ll also get a head start on other potential buyers by making a realistic offer to purchase quickly.

If you arerenting, put together your file by assembling the various documents requested: pay slips, proof of income, work contract, rent receipts, identity papers, deposit if necessary, etc. Remember to scan them, so you can send them quickly to complete your file. Your request will be forwarded more quickly to the owner if you go through an intermediary. In addition, your seriousness will be an important asset in front of other potential tenants.

You will be sure not to miss the property of your dreams. In Luxembourg, you have to know how to be reactive and not hesitate to position yourself quickly on a property you like. Beautiful products go quickly.

Real estate intermediaries

Real estate agencies

There are many real estate agencies in Luxembourg, whether they are international networks, local agencies or independent.

Consult several agencies to find your real estate partner

For your housing search in Luxembourg, do not hesitate to consult several real estate agencies. You will be able to find the partner you trust and who is sensitive to your wishes. It is important to define with the agency the needs of your family, whether you are buying a property or renting a home.

We recommend that you make an appointment in advance. This will give you time to explain to your real estate provider what you are looking for. By going directly to an agency, you risk not being able to visit anything at the time. Agencies do not necessarily have the keys.

If you are still in your home country, you can also do this interview by phone.

Some real estate agencies are specially recommended by the Chambre Immobilière du Grand-Duché Luxembourg. This label guarantees a quality service and protects you from potential scams. Indeed, these partner agencies have signed the code of ethics included in the Quality Charter of the ASBL “CIGDL”, established for over 40 years in the country.

Define your search criteria

Define with your real estate agent the search criteria for your purchase or your rental: area sought, available budget, time, number of rooms, … The real estate agents will then search for the ideal home for you. Less time wasted for you and for the agency that will know what you are looking for.

The agency will be able to make a first selection of properties to visit and establish a visit program according to your wishes. They will inform you about the properties corresponding to your needs and will show you the selected properties.

If you are looking for a property to rent, you will have to pay an agency feeexcluding charges. These costs include research, visits, drafting the lease, administrative follow-up .

Whether you are buying or renting, we advise you to make an inventory of fixtures at the beginning and end of your stay in case of renting, or at the time of the signature of the compromise in case of purchase. The real estate agency will take care of this inventory of fixtures. This is often included in the agency fees charged. Remember to ask about it!

The agencies will also be able to provide you with information on the housing subsidies to which you may be entitled as a future owner or tenant.

Relocation agencies

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg soon? In order for this expatriation not to turn into a nightmare, do not hesitate to call upon a relocation agency.

The relocation agencies provide you with a global service. They are your privileged interlocutor to help you in your search for a rental accommodation. They can also assist you in all your administrative procedures for impatriation to the Grand Duchy.

Leaving your home country and moving your family to a new country is not easy; that’s why it is important to be in contact with someone who knows the country.

Finding a home to buy or rent, completing the administrative procedures, all this is sometimes quite complicated. A relocation agency will be able to accompany you in all these steps to ensure a smooth landing.

Especially when there is a change of language and culture, a local actor, who has been working in Luxemborug for years, will give you the best advice.

To help you in your installation in Luxembourg, and for afee, the relocation agencies provide you with a personalized and professional service. They will help you with your mobility project: looking for a place to live, taking care of administrative formalities, choosing a school or a nursery for your children, installing the telephone, connecting water, gas, electricity, etc.

Real estate websites and portals

Consulting the Luxembourg real estate portals remains one of the best ways to know the Luxembourg real estate market, even from a distance.

Are you planning to come and live in Luxembourg? Are you looking for a house or an apartment to buy or to rent in the Grand Duchy? Consult the websites specialized in real estate from your current residence, determine your first search criteria: purchase/rental, house/apartment, number of rooms, location, budget, garden, …

By creating email alerts and push notifications, users are notified in real time of properties matching their search criteria. They can thus, in a few clicks, contact directly the agencies or the owners.
You will be able to make a first selection before visiting the selected properties and find the property of your dreams adapted to your needs and desires.

Below are the main real estate portals to help you in your search for a home to buy or rent:, the n°1 in real estate in Luxembourg and the Greater Region

The real estate portal is a must in the real estate search in Luxembourg.

Whatever your search for housing, house, apartment, new or old, house to be built, offices, business, apartment building, land or even garages and parking lots, atHome remains the leader on the Luxembourg real estate market. The mobile app (available on iOS & Androïd) facilitates the real estate search. Feel free to download it., real estate ads is also a major player in real estate research in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

Search through the interactive map to see at a glance all the ads that match your criteria. Download the mobile app (iOS & Android) and let it guide you in your search for accommodation. You can also follow all the real estate news in Luxembourg on the Immotop blog., the real estate specialists is available on the internet, as well as in the real estate pages of the daily newspaper Luxemburger Wort.

You can compare the price per m2 per city and per neighborhood. You will also find all the real estate news, to help you find your future home in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg., official portal of the Chambre Immobilière du Luxembourg (CIGDL)

Vivi is a real estate advertisement and information site set up by the Chambre Immobilière du Grand Duché de Luxembourg (CIGDL). Exclusive ads are also published.

The Real Estate Chamber brings together 300 real estate professionals, real estate agencies, condominium managers and developers. By joining the Real Estate Board, everyone agrees to abide by its strict rules and to provide high quality services.

Still haven’t found a place for your family to live? Do not hesitate to consult the temporary housing offers.

In the meantime, consult our article on the Luxembourg real estate market to fully understand the market before you embark on a purchase.