Energy Performance Certificate – CPE

Any real estate transaction carried out in Luxembourg requires the production of an Energy Performance Certificate – CPE or energy passport.

The CPE calculates the energy performance of a building

The Energy Performance Certificate is more commonly known as an energy passport. Carried out by certified professionals, the CPE (Certificat de Performance Energétique) defines the energy consumption of a building or dwelling according to very specific standards. Established on 5 pages, it determines 3 main elements:

  • the primary energy expenditure index calculated by the energy performance class
  • the thermal insulation class corresponding to the heating heat requirement index of the house
  • the CO2 emissions transcribed by the energy performance class.

Each classification is rated from A to I. The A rating is the best class and corresponds to so-called passive houses, the B rating is the rating for low-energy housing and the C rating for energy-efficient housing. Class I is the lowest class.

Since 2017, new buildings in Luxembourg have to comply with a AAA classification.

In which case is the EPC mandatory?

The Energy Performance Certificate is mandatory since the Grand-Ducal regulation of 30 November 2007. It is required when selling, transforming, extending or building a home. Even in the event of a lease, the owner must provide the Energy Performance Certificate to his tenant. 

The EPC is valid for 10 years and is transmitted from owner to owner. On the other hand, in the event of renovation and improvement work on the building affecting its energy performance, it is advisable to issue a new energy performance certificate in the event of resale of the property.
The EPC is for information purposes only. Regardless of the calculated energy performance of a building, there is no obligation to renovate the property to improve its energy performance.

Applying for an EnergiePass

One can evaluate the performance of his/her home using tools available on the web. However, these valuations cannot be the official documents requested during real estate transactions. Find out more about the production of a CPE and the list of approved professionals on

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