Buying or renting: preparation for visits & tips

Some useful recommendation to complete your real estate visits

Would you like to live in the Grand Duchy and want to get some tips for visiting a rental or a future acquisition ? Are you a resident of Luxembourg, and would like to rent or buy a property ?

When looking for an accomodation, it is sometimes difficult to think about everything during the visits. Practical and aesthetic, but also economic and energetic aspects are to be taken into account. But when not used to visiting accommodations, it is sometimes complicated not to see evrything !

It is therefore necessary to prepare visits in advance, so that a crush won’t take precedence over very important criteria. So find here our real estate expert’s advices to prepare your visits even before being on the spot.

Equip yourself to visit the property properly

A visit cannot be improvised and it is often necessary to bring some useful tools. Without a tape measure, how will you know if your beloved family commode will fit in this nice living room ? And without photos of the positive and negative points noted during your visit, how then will you be advised and guided from your relatives ?

For all these reasons, it is necessary to take with you:

  • a tape measure (to measure everything needed)
  • a camera (or a smartphone) to take pictures of the visited real property and to think calmly about it afterwards. Before taking pictures, be sure to ask for permission !
  • a compass to check the orientation of the house and the terrace or the balcony
  • writing materials: some key information and figures are quickly forgotten once outside the front door. An extra tip from ?

Make a list of the criteria that have to be met during your property visit

Beyond your personal criteria, there are also many elements to check during a property visit. Humidity, brightness, insulation, type of heating, electrical outlets, common spaces, financial costs, date of construction, … are all important things to take into account before signing. Yet, amid the euphoria, we quickly forget all these things. To avoid being overwhelmed, before your first visit, consider making a checklist containing all your criteria as well as the different questions to ask about the visited property.

Don’t forget to check during the visit the thermal and phonic insulation, plumbing and electrical installatin, as well as shutters, doors and windows. Ask also for the energetic passport which is compulsory, even for a rental.

Which district in Luxembourg-City or which commune?

When we move somewhere, we don’t only sign for a real estate, but also for a neighbourhood! If the characteristics of the visited property play a significant role during the visits, the atmosphere of the neighbourhood in which it is established is also to be taken into account.

We highly recommend to look at the district before even planning a visit at different hours day and night: general atmosphere, parking areas, traffic, …but also shops, schools, bus stops, …

Service offering and the atmosphere of the concerned district are therefore of paramount importance during a visit : if a housing pleases you, also make sure you feel comfortable in the district in which it is located, you’ll be better installed !

For an illustrated and detailed overview of each district of Luxembourg, please visit our page “Luxembourg by districts“.

Our page “Overview of the districts” might also help you in your choice.




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