Setting up expat accommodation in Luxembourg

Have you just arrived in Luxembourg as an expatriate? Whether you’re on your own, a couple or a family, finding and fitting out your new home is a step you shouldn’t neglect. Indeed, expatriation means a new job, new experiences and new friends, and it’s a great adventure for everyone. But above all, expatriation is a loss of reference points. And accommodation is a good way to land smoothly and get your bearings.

Accommodation to ease your arrival in Luxembourg

The first important point in the expatriation process is that everyone should feel at home in their new home! The family home is a refuge designed to facilitate adaptation.

In Luxembourg as elsewhere, your new home should be a haven of peace and well-being for the whole family. Everyone needs to feel at home. The length of the expatriation is of little importance.

A home to suit your family’s needs

Long-term expatriation to Luxembourg or not, when looking for a place to live, make sure it suits your lifestyle and that of your family.

To do this, you’ll need to list the key features of the home you’re looking for, so that you can meet everyone’s needs. This will make it easier for you to find the right home for you.

Choosing the right neighborhood for your lifestyle

When choosing your new home, the choice of neighborhood is also crucial.

Your new home should be close to schools, so you can drop off your children easily or encourage your teenagers to become independent. Your workplace or that of your spouse must be easily accessible by public transport. To help you settle in quickly and get your bearings, make sure you’re close to shopping areas or entertainment venues where you can go out in the evenings. Do you prefer the countryside or a quiet neighborhood? Find out more about residential neighborhoods.

It’s important not to make any mistakes when choosing your environment, so that you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive in Luxembourg. We give you here some references to know the districts of the city of Luxembourg .

Setting up your home while expatriating

Once you’ve found your new home, whether you own it or simply rent it, the first step is to get it fitted out.

Bear in mind, however, that as a tenant, you’ll need to ask the landlord’s permission to make certain alterations that could be long-lasting. Nevertheless,

A setting conducive to sharing and family well-being

The atmosphere of your new house or apartment should be warm and inviting, and conducive to family exchanges. Your home must allow you to create a bubble of intimacy and well-being. This can be very useful, especially in the early stages of your move to Luxembourg.

A new home to recharge your batteries

Away from your family and friends, it’s important to recreate a “home” that matches your aspirations as soon as you arrive. The place of residence must be a source of well-being.

Whether Luxembourg is your first expatriate experience or just one of many new adventures, it’s important to find zen-like, welcoming accommodation. The whole family should be able to enjoy it. It’s a place where you can cocoon with your family or invite guests to make new friends.

Personalize your interior to make it a place that reflects your personality

Put up picture frames to personalize your interior and find your loved ones, especially if you’ve opted for furnished accommodation. Add green plants to liven things up and erase the cold, impersonal look of modern housing.

Don’t hesitate to hang curtains on the windows. Blinds, curtains and other hangings bring more warmth and allow to hide the shutters which will be quickly closed in winter. Don’t forget to ask the owner for permission if necessary.

Organize your home

Are you moving with your furniture? Take the time to arrange them in such a way as to recreate your familiar world.. On the other hand, the space may be ideal for a new layout and new furnishings to breathe new life into your home.

There’s no shortage of furniture stores in Luxembourg. Whatever your budget, you’ll find beautiful furniture and decorative objects. You’ll find a wide range of furniture stores, at all price points, whether in town, in Luxembourg shopping centers or even in countries bordering Luxembourg . Some furniture stores even offer the services of an interior designer to help you design your home. Find out more.

Illuminate the rooms

In any case, remember to let plenty of light into the rooms. In Luxembourg, autumn days can be gray and rainy. Choose a furniture layout that maximizes daylight. Low furniture is ideal for this. Be careful not to overload the rooms.

Take inspiration from Scandinavian or northern interiors. Choose light colors, with colorful acc ents for accessories.

Multiply light sources with pretty lamps, and place mirrors to reflect light in slightly darker rooms.

Pretty candles will diffuse comforting scents and bring light and warmth to your home.

Play the cozy interiors

Curtains, rugs, cushions and plaids add a cocooning touch, inviting you to relax. Choose these accessories preferably in lighter colors. Choose natural materials.

Choose light curtains rather than dark and heavy curtains. Set up spaces for family interaction or play, with pretty candles and vases for flowers.

Don’t forget the outside

Are you lucky enough to have an outdoor space such as a balcony or terrace? Don’t forget to take advantage of beautiful, warm, sunny days in spring or summer. In Luxembourg, the months of September and October can also offer beautiful Indian-summer autumn days.

Design your outdoor space accordingly. You’ll be able to enjoy every sunny moment with sun loungers and a parasol. You won’t regret investing in a brazier, or even faux fur plaids to enjoy the long summer evenings!

You want to know more aboutinstallation of your home? More information here.

Housing fairs in Luxembourg

Furniture Festival or Miwwelfestival

The arrival of new furniture collections is celebrated twice a year with the Miwwelfestival, in spring and autumn. The Luxembourg Furniture Federation brings together furniture specialists in Luxembourg. You will find on their website fedam. lu furniture and decoration stores. Home and Living Room

Home Expo Exhibition

The federation is also involved in the national housing fair Home Expo, which takes place every October at LuxExpo. This is Luxembourg’s must-attend event for everything to do with the home.