Furnishing your accommodation

You have just arrived in Luxembourg as an expatriate. Furnishing and decorating your new home is a step that should not be neglected. Indeed, expatriation means new work, new experiences, new friends, but above all a loss of bearings and the need to create new ones! Your new home must be a haven of peace and well-being, so that you can quickly feel “at home”.  Even if it is only a temporary accommodation!

Long-term expatriation or departure already planned, search for accommodation that corresponds to your family lifestyle. The choice of the district is fundamental: proximity to schools and workplace, entertainment to go out in the evening or not, shopping,…, But above all the layout of your accommodation is essential. The atmosphere of your new home or apartment must be warm, conducive to family exchanges or to creating a sometimes useful bubble of privacy.

A new “home” to find well-being

As soon as you arrive in your new host country and far away from your family and friends, it is important to recreate a “home” that corresponds to your aspirations and above all a source of well-being. Indeed, whether Luxembourg is your first expatriation experience or a new adventure after several expatriations, it is important to find a Zen accommodation to recharge your batteries, to cocoon with your family, to receive your new friends.

Have photo frames with your loved ones to personalize your home, especially if you have chosen a furnished accomodation, often cold and impersonal. Add green plants that will give a more lively side to your place.

Organise your home

Are you moving to Luxembourg with your furniture? Take time to arrange them in such a way to recreate your familiar home, or on the contrary, the new area may be favourable to a new layout that will create a new departure.
Do you need to buy new furniture or even create custom storage space? You can find many furniture stores, at all prices, whether in town, in Luxembourg shopping centres or even in the countries bordering Luxembourg. Some furniture stores even offer the services of an interior designer to help you design your home.

Brighten up the rooms

In any case, remember to let light get into the rooms. In Luxembourg, autumn days can be grey and rainy, so favour a layout of the furniture to allow daylight coming inside your home. Low cabinets are ideal for this and be careful not to overload the rooms.
Be inspired by Scandinavian’s interiors or northern countries. Choose light colours with colourful accessories. Multiply the light sources with pretty lamps, have mirrors that will reflect the light in the darker rooms.

Play cozy interiors and don’t neglect the outdoors

Curtains, carpets, cushions, blankets promote cocooning and invite you to relax. Choose them preferably in lighter colours and in materials such as linen or trendy fake fur. Use light curtains instead of dark and thick curtains. Organize spaces for family exchanges or games, with pretty candles and vases to put flowers in.

Are you lucky enough to have an outdoor space such as a balcony or terrace? Don’t forget that you can enjoy beautiful warm and sunny days in spring or summer. In Luxembourg, the months of October and September can also offer very beautiful days, such as Indian summer.
Arrange your outdoor space accordingly, to enjoy all the sunny moments with lounge chairs and a parasol. You will also not regret the investment in a brazier, or even in fake fur blankets to enjoy long summer evenings!

Want to know more about housing? More information here. Don’t forget the Home&Living Housing Fair at Luxexpo either.




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