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Our school is based on the creation of Montessori environments in which children can grow, develop and learn in freedom and autonomy. The teaching materials developed by Maria Montessori enable children to grasp fundamental concepts, such as mathematics, language or science, through their senses, within a frame of reference.

École Maternelle Maria Montessori Luxembourg

Montessori environments for childrenaged 3 to 6

Our Montessori environments offer students a wide range of learning opportunities. From practical life exercises to geometry and mathematics, as well as reading and writing, our kindergarten classes provide pupils with knowledge, manners and interpersonal skills.

Our different classes meet these criteria of harmonious organization by subject area. They are islands of learning in which there is no competition but equal opportunity for all.

Montessori practical exercises for more autonomy and learning

Practical life exercises help children acquire independence through their direct connection with everyday life. Tying shoes, helping themselves to food and drink, putting on their coats, cooking and washing up, sweeping the floor, caring for plants and animals... these are just some of the daily activities offered to children, with an emphasis on politeness and courtesy. It's a way of integrating children into daily and social life.

The child is attracted by accuracy and mathematical truths, and is thus a fully-fledged scientist. The aim here is to approach major geometric and mathematical concepts through concrete examples. We use Montessori mathematics materials to meet the child's expectations. The association of a mass and a symbol, the notion of zero or even/odd, as well as the decimal system and mathematical operations, are learned by children from an early age.

The freedom to read and write is particularly appealing to children. Maria Montessori created a range of language teaching aids to enable children to learn at their own pace: from rough letters to a mobile alphabet, children learn to write and read in a fundamental way.

Children are naturally open to the world around them: nature, the past and the cosmos. So it's important for them to make their own experiences and discoveries. Children discover their environment, its structure and how it works, through workshops such as vegetable gardening, forest walks and excursions to educational farms.

Maria Montessori Primary School Luxembourg

Montessori environments for children aged 6 to 12

In elementary school, children perfect their written language (calligraphy as well as grammar and spelling). They refine their reading skills, deepen their understanding of mathematics and botany, and broaden their geographical and historical knowledge. They continue to deepen their general knowledge and ask questions about the world and how it works.

Learning at children's pace at the Maria Montessori School Luxembourg

Students have the opportunity to develop at their own pace, thanks to individualized work. There are no classes that require all pupils to study a particular subject at the same time of day. However, a roadmap is presented to the children to help them understand the expected objectives and structure their days.

On this basis, each child designs his or her own personal path to acquire new skills or deepen what he or she already knows. The aim is not to choose what the pupil should learn, but to offer as wide a choice as possible to satisfy his or her intellectual appetite. At the end of the day, each child will validate the learning required, but will have chosen his or her own learning path, in a stimulating environment where the pedagogue accompanies them in their choices.

Maria Montessori's approach to education, which is practiced in our school, is based on the right to equality for all, and the absence of competition. Students work for themselves, not to get good grades. So there are no grades, classwork, report cards or homework.

Organization of work at the Maria Montessori School in Luxembourg

In the mornings, children work in the classroom on a self-selection basis. A French-speaking teacher and a German- or English-speaking educator supervise and guide them on a daily basis. The principle of the language bath is the same as in nursery school: learning takes place in both languages, at the same time.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons are dedicated to exploring students' sporting, artistic or cultural skills.

Sports education to develop moral values

Understanding and respecting the rules of the game, encouraging teamwork, surpassing oneself, being a good loser and helping each other - sport conveys moral values that meet the needs of children of this age.

In our sports workshops, the important thing is not to win, but to learn to master your movements and improve your own skills without trying to beat others.

Art education for experimentation

Based on the work of Arno Stern, the art workshops do not teach a specific artistic technique. Rather, they provide a forum for students to experiment and find their own technique.

Cultural education to develop personal interests

Students aged 6 to 12 are curious about the world around them, sometimes asking puzzling questions. This workshop enables them to explore their personal interests in greater depth. Students can propose cultural outings and discover the world, or stay in class and work on their own projects. They satisfy their need for discovery by digging ever deeper into the details of their subject. Then, if they wish, they can present their research to their peers.

Maison Relais Maria Montessori in Luxembourg

Our Maison Relais welcomes students outside school hours. For reasons of comfort and safety, it is located on the same site as the school.

The children are therefore on hand for whatever activities they decide to undertake. The staff is made up of the same educators and teachers they are used to working with in the classroom, to ensure a friendly, family atmosphere in which the pupils can flourish in complete peace of mind. They benefit from a wide range of activities: music, artistic, culinary and manual activities, outings to the park, free play and relaxation areas.

Multilingualism in our Maria Montessori school

We are a trilingual school, speaking French, German and English. We take great care not to organize the learning of these languages into compulsory courses of fixed duration and frequency: children are immersed in a continuous, non-violent "linguistic bath".

Each teacher speaks exclusively his or her mother tongue, to encourage correct accent and syntax. We use materials adapted to the characteristics of each language to enable children to deepen their knowledge.

On the one hand, this trilingualism is in line with the principles of "sensitive periods" (children's learning periods through absorption). On the other hand, it enables our students to develop language skills that will enable them to join different secondary schools to continue their education.

In doing so, we are following government directives that advocate multilingualism from the earliest age as a guarantee of academic success.

Would you like to enroll your child in our Maria Montessori School in Luxembourg? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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