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Italian school approved by the Ministry of Education

Scuola Materna Cattolica Internazionale is an international cycle 1 school (early years and pre-school) for children aged 3 to 6, from Monday to Friday, 7.45 am to 6.00 pm. It is an international (multilingual teaching) and Catholic school. It is approved by the French Ministry of Education for Children and Youth.

Ideally located in Luxembourg City, at 19 boulevard de la Pétrusse, it offers convenient access and a privileged setting. The proximity of the Pétrusse river, a playground and the school's own garden mean that we're able to offer a wide range of outings. Beneficial to a child's well-being, nature is also an ideal playground for discovery and the acquisition of autonomy and self-confidence. 

Multilingual teaching in French, English and Italian

Teaching is offered in a choice of two languages : English - Italian, English - French, Italian - French. The teachers are qualified and have a rich and varied background (some with Montessori training, others with degrees in education and teaching sciences obtained in their own countries). In addition to developing their language skills (comprehension and expression), the children also learn about the culture of different countries.  

The two languages chosen are each taught for 4 half-days a week. One half-day a week is devoted to an introduction to Luxembourgish (for all).  

Based on the European Schools' "Early Education" program, the school is also imbued with the Montessori method. The main skills we aim to develop are communication (in mother tongue and foreign languages), the development of skills in mathematics, science and technology, "learning to learn", the development of social and civic skills, and the development of artistic and psychomotor skills. 

A unique setting for children's development

Family school in Luxembourg

SCMI is a family school. The number of children is limited to 25. This allows us to respect the children's rhythms. A quiet room allows those who need it to take a nap, while the others benefit from personalized teaching time.

Developing learning potential

Our aim is to develop children's learning potential and aptitudes, drawing on their curiosity and creativity, and placing them in a serene, happy environment.

In concrete terms, learning takes place through rituals and a variety of media: albums, creative workshops, games, nature, cooking and music. The child's five senses are stimulated, and skills are acquired through experimentation. Choirs and art workshops are offered every week, providing an opportunity to discover artists and experiment with their own artistic potential.

Awakening to spirituality and discovering the Catholic religion

Awakening to spirituality and discovering the Catholic religion are strong commitments for the school. A half-day of awakening to the faith is offered to children from the second year of cycle 1, and prayer is part of the rituals for all children.

Discovering the Gospels enables us to tackle themes such as respect for self and others, sharing, eco-responsibility and self-confidence. Pope Francis' encyclical "Laudato Si", (May 24, 2015), guides our approach.

By celebrating religious and civic traditions and holidays, children become immersed in their roots and evolve in a multicultural context.

Fresh, healthy meals every day

The children enjoy fresh, healthy meals every day. An in-house cook prepares lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. She selects seasonal produce à la Provençale and prepares balanced meals. Attentive to the children's tastes, she ensures that they discover new flavors and learn respect for food and the importance of avoiding waste.

Once a month, the children take part in a "Cooking" workshop in which taste, smell and touch are stimulated. It's with pleasure and pride that they taste the food they've cooked themselves.

The cook and teachers' assistant also contribute to the warm, caring welcome to which the school is committed.

Visits to the school and registrations, subject to availability, can be made at any time of the year.

For further information, please contact the school by e-mail: or by telephone on +352 691 901 568.

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