LUNEX: higher education in health, sport and management

50, avenue du Parc des Sports L-4671 Differdange 

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LUNEX was founded in 2016, in Differdange, the "European City of Sport 2018". LUNEX is a private higher education institution with an international vocation. 

Unique in Luxembourg, LUNEX offers study programs exclusively in the fields of health, sport and management. Its aim is to train future health and sports professionals, whose profiles are increasingly in demand.

Accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Research and Higher Education, LUNEX study programs are taught entirely in English. They are recognized throughout the European Union.

Specialized training at LUNEX

Bachelor and Master in Kinesitherapy inLuxembourg

Physiotherapy training takes place over 5 years. It enables students wishing to become physiotherapists to develop and acquire the knowledge and skills fundamental to their future professional careers.

Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Sport and Exercise Sciences in Luxembourg

These programs enable students to gain knowledge and practical experience of scientific principles relating to motor learning, physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and psychology, with the aim of improving general health and well-being.

Bachelor and Master in Sport Management in Luxembourg

Both courses focus entirely on sport business. They combine economics, finance, marketing and events with sport. The aim is to meet the needs of the global sports industry and train future sports managers. The Master's degree is also available in a hybrid format.

Bachelor in Nutrition, Fitness and Health in Luxembourg

This course provides students with the advanced theoretical knowledge and professional skills needed to work as a dietitian.

Bachelor in Corporate Health Management and Well-being

The latter is a unique, multi-disciplinary program in Luxembourg. It offers the opportunity to develop solid theoretical and practical knowledge in one of the latest management trends: corporate health and well-being.

Pre-Bachelor Foundation Programme: the preparatory programme

As well as offering Bachelor's and Master's degrees, LUNEX also offers a preparatory program called the Pre-Bachelor Foundation Programme, which enables students to improve their English language skills and/or strengthen their knowledge of the natural sciences before starting the Bachelor's degree of their choice.

Why choose LUNEX in Luxembourg?

Choosing LUNEX in Luxembourg means : 

  • Study in a completely renovated school: modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art equipment (student laboratory, e-learning) in a sports environment. LUNEX is located close to a sports complex, a stadium and the future sports laboratory LIHPS (Luxembourg Institute for High Performance in Sports).
  • Prepare for a diploma recognized in Europe within an international framework, thanks to 100% teaching in English and the expertise of a multilingual teaching team.
  • Benefit from individual coaching and intensive support.

For more information on our programs and how to register, visit the LUNEX website.

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