Pharmacies and pharmacies on call

Dispensaries and pharmacies in Luxembourg

Pharmacists are licensed to dispense medications. They can be consulted for minor ailments such as headaches, coughs, minor injuries,… If in doubt, the pharmacist will refer you to a doctor who will be better able to make a diagnosis.

The pharmacist’s role is to advise on the dispensing of medications and dosage.

Medication and prescriptions

In the pharmacy, you can buy all the medicines you need to treat yourself.

If you have a prescription for medication, it is valid for 3 months.

Even if you don’t have a medical prescription, you can still buy certain medications and para-pharmaceuticals. Pharmacies also sell beauty and hygiene products, vitamins and other nutrients, pediatric and pregnancy products, orthopedic products, first aid products, etc.

If you have a pet, they also dispense pet medications.

Opening hours and on-call pharmacies

Although the opening hours differ from one establishment to another, most pharmacies in Luxembourg are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6 pm . Some are closed between 12:00 and 14:00. Other pharmacies, especially those located in Luxembourg or the most important cities are also open on Saturdays.

Pharmacies on call and Syndicat des pharmaciens luxembourgeois ASBL

On the official website of the Luxembourg pharmacists’ union, you will find the list of pharmacies, the opening hours of pharmacies in Luxembourg as well as the on-call services of pharmacies:

Drug Reimbursement

Prescriptions for medications must be filled within the time period specified by the physician on the prescription or, if not specified, within 3 months of the physician’s order. For other prescriptions (X-rays, blood tests, etc.), please refer to the website of the National Health Fund.

All prescriptions for medications equal to or greater than 6 months are dispensed in installments by the pharmacy. The pharmacist will dispense the medication for a certain period of time and provide you with a copy of the prescription. You will need to bring it back the next few times to be dispensed the next necessary medications.

Prescription Drug Reimbursement

Medications prescribed by your doctor may be reimbursed in full or in part by your health insurance company. Reimbursement depends on whether or not they are included in a positive list published in the CNS Memorial.

The reimbursement rates are 100%, 80% or 40% according to precise criteria established according to the vital necessity or not of the medicine, the number of irreplaceable active ingredients or not, … This list can be found on the NTC website.

Buy drugs online

Since 2017, the purchase of medicines on the internet is allowed for Luxembourg residents.

However, the sale of such drugs is only allowed for drugs that can be dispensed without a prescription . The patient will have to fill in a health questionnaire in a private area on the website of the pharmacy selling drugs online.

In order to sell medicines on the Internet, pharmacies must first be expressly authorized by the Ministry of Health. See the list of approved pharmacies in Luxembourg and how to buy drugs online safely.

In case of emergency

Call 112 – free 24/7 emergency number for all life-saving emergency assistance.

Recycle expired or unused medications

In order to preserve the environment, we ask that you do not throw medications, other syrups or ointments in the trash or down the drain. Cosmetics and personal hygiene products are also concerned.

You can return them for recycling via the SuperDrecksKëscht, via the mobile collection or recycling centers .

Some pharmacists also collect these medications for recycling.