Escape near Luxembourg in Germany

Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland in Germany share borders with Luxembourg. These German regions offer many opportunities for outings and visits, whatever your interests.

Germany is a very interesting country to see, a few kilometers from Luxembourg. No less than 4 sites are classified as World Heritage by Unesco. You can also practice many activities in the vicinity of Luxembourg alone or with your family. Germany is also a destination of choice for shopping .

Visit to German cities

Trier (Trier)

Less than 50 km from Luxembourg, Trier is the oldest city in Germany. There are still many testimonies of its rich past and its Celtic, Roman and Germanic history.

Don’t miss the famous “Porta Nigra”, the northern gate of the ancient city wall built at the end of the second century, or St. Peter’s Cathedral which houses the relic of the Holy Tunic. Both are listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites.

You will also enjoy shopping in the charming pedestrian streets of the city. Prices are cheaper than in Luxembourg.

You can also enjoy the Christmas markets on the beautiful Hauptmarkt.

Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle)

Located at the border of Luxembourg (175 km away), the beautiful city of Aachen is the capital of Charlemagne’s Empire. Discover the magnificent cathedral, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Palatine Chapel housing Charlemagne’s tomb and the throne of Charlemagne on the first floor.

German cities such as Trier or Aachen are also worth visiting during the Advent markets to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

Koblenz and its cable car

At 172 km from Luxembourg, visit the beautiful city of Koblenz. It is the witness of a rich past, both in Roman times and in the time of the Frankish kings.

In addition, treat yourself to an unforgettable trip with a spectacular cable car ride over the Rhine. From here you can reach the Ehrenbreitstein fortress and enjoy a beautiful view of the picturesque town and the Deutsches Eck, a promontory at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Admire the panorama up to the Rhine valley.

On the way to or from Koblenz, don’t hesitate to follow the Moselle valley. You will discover the numerous castles along the river, as well as charming towns and villages in the middle of the vineyards.

If you have time, you can drive to the beautiful town of Bernkastel-Kues, which is located in the meanders of the Moselle. It attracts many tourists, so be patient in the traffic jams.

Parks and attractions in Germany

Eifel Volcano Park

At 1h30 from Luxembourg, the Eifel Volcanic Park offers great opportunities for hiking and other walks in the heart of the Eifel. This region is the newest volcanic region in Germany.

Several museums allow you to discover the geological heritage of the region through the GeoPark. The lava dome in Merzig shows a real-life volcanic eruption, while the Laacher See bears witness to the intense volcanic activity in the region.

Seven information centers are available for the curious.

The Werner Freund Wolf Park in Merzig

52 km from Luxembourg, what could be more exciting for our children than to discover the big bad wolf? Several dozen wolves live in the wild in this reserve. The ranger offers a free guided tour every first Sunday of the month at 4pm. The visit takes place regardless of the weather! Visit

Eifelpark in Gondorf

64 km from Luxembourg, this amusement park located in the middle of the forest is adapted to young children: small roller coaster, giant slides, mini-zoo, clown shows and puppet theater, Indian camp, mini-kart, large playgrounds, animal farm, bumper cars on water, etc. Possibility of barbecue and picnic. Restoration possible. See

Europa Park in Rust

Further away, more than 3 hours away, you can have fun with your family at Europa Park. This large amusement park will delight thrill-seekers and water activity enthusiasts. Europa Park is the largest amusement park in Germany. possibility of spending the night in one of the many resorts on the spot.

Visit to the Völklingen Ironworks

What if you visited the only ironworks as in the heyday of the steel industry? The Völklinger Hütte is a completely preserved ironworks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We discover how the workers of the steel industry accomplished their work.

The visit can be done independently or guided in group. Guided tours can be given in several languages and even in sign language. Why not organize an outing with several families and enjoy all the explanations as a group. A fascinating visit for everyone at 1h30 from Luxembourg.

Have you ever visited Belgium and France? Discover these beautiful countries on the other side of the Luxembourg border and enjoy the many activities for family outings.