Escape near Luxembourg in Germany

Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland regions close to Luxembourg, Belgium and France offer the opportunity for many outings and visits, whatever your interests.

Cultural outings with 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites, physical activities alone or with family, and even shopping destination, Germany is a very interesting country to see, a few kilometers from Luxembourg.


Less than 50 km from Luxembourg, Trier is the oldest town in Germany, where there are still many testimonies of its richCeltic, Roman and Germanic history .

Do not miss the famous “Porta Nigra”, northern gate of the city walls built at the end of the 2nd century,or St. Peter’s Cathedral which houses the relic of the Holy Tunic. Both are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO.

You will also enjoy shopping in the charming pedestrian streets of the city, or enjoy the Christmas markets on the beautiful Hauptmarkt square.


Located at the borders of Luxembourg (175 km away), Belgium and the Netherlands, visit Aachen, capital of the Empire of Charlemagne. Discover, among other things, the magnificent cathedral on the Unesco World Heritage List, with the Palatine Chapel and the Charlemagne burial. You can also see throne of Charlemagne on the first floor.

The cities of Germany such as Trier or Aachen are also worth visiting during the Advent markets to enjoy the magic and Christmas entertainment.


At 172 km from Luxembourg, visit the beautiful city of Koblenz, which has also witnessed a rich history for millennia, whether in Roman times or in the days of the Frankish kings. Moreover, enjoy an unforgettable trip with a spectacular cable car ride over the Rhine that allows you to reach the Ehrenbreitstein fortress. Enjoy a superb view of the picturesque city and the Deutsches Eck, promontory located at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle. Admire the panorama to the Rhine Valley and do not hesitate to drive along the river to discover the many castles and fortresses, as well as vineyards.

Wolves Park Werner Freund in Merzig

52 km from Luxembourg. Wolf park Werner Freund. Come and meet the big bad wolf. What could be more exciting for children? Twenty-nine wolves live freely in this reserve. The forester offers a free guided tour every 1st Sunday of the month at 4 pm. The visit takes place whaterever the weather!

Eifelpark in Gondorf

64 km from Luxembourg, Eifelpark is a theme park for young children, located in the middle of the forest: mini roller coaster, giant slides, mini zoo, clowns and puppets shows, indian camps, mini go-karts, large play areas, animal farm, water bumpercars,… Barbecue and picnic area. Food available.

Do you know Belgium and France? Many activities are also available for family outings. Discover these beautiful countries.