See a movie, a theater play, an opera in Luxembourg

Like Luxembourg, which has a multicultural population, theaters and cinemas offer a very diverse programmation, both international and national. In addition, the programs are offered in different languages.

Going out to the cinema

Luxembourg is well supplied in cinemas, either in Luxembourg-City or in the main cities of countries.

The After Covid-19 in the movies

Closed to the public at the height of the Covid-19 crisis, the cinemas will reopen their doors on 17 June 2020. A number of measures will be implemented:

  • it is strongly recommended to reserve your seats in advance
  • the number of spectators will be limited so as to leave the front and back rows free and three seats on each side of the spectators
  • only families or persons who have booked together will be placed side by side
  • the mask is mandatory to move around the spaces and can only be removed once seated, hydro-alcoholic gel will be provided
  • The rooms will be thoroughly cleaned after each session

Information about cinemas in Luxembourg

The rooms are very comfortable and offer a varied program.

The films are available in the original version, subtitled in the official languages of the country (German, French and Luxembourgish). Films can also be translated into German or French for major international productions or according to the target audience.
The productions are often American. For French films, type “comédies françaises”, you will have more choice at Kinepolis in Thionville (France), for German films go to Trier (Germany).

Cinema events

Do not miss the cinema events:

Where to see a movie?

Do you want to go out to the pictures to see a movie? Many cinemas are available in Luxembourg.

Municipal Cinémathèque Luxembourg City

In this charming and traditional cinema (formerly Ciné Vox) of the Place du Théâtre in Luxembourg-center, the program is erudite, diversified, historical and generic.

Created in 1996,  the Municipal Cinematheque of the City of Luxembourg is above all a genuine Museum of Cinema since its mission is the preservation and enhancement of the international film heritage.

Member of the International Federation of Film Archives since 1983, the Cinematheque has one of the largest collections of film archives in Europe: copies of films, photos, movie posters, books, magazines, etc.

The program is available on the website. A specific program at the weekend allows you to discover or rediscover films representative of the history of cinema.

Retrospectives and special events of the 7th art are also regularly organized as conferences, round tables or festivals. The Cinémathèque is a partner of the Luxembourg City Film Festival.

The major annual event of the Cinémathèque is the “Live Cinema” (silent film with symphonic orchestra).

Kinepolis and Utopia Cinema Complex

Kinepolis is a large cinema complex with several comfortable cinemas and big productions.

Utopia is a cinema located in Luxembourg Limpertsberg and more oriented towards auteur films.

To know more about these cinemas

Cinema Le Paris in Bettembourg

Nice room with 170 seats with international films for all ages.

Cinema Scala in Diekirch

Cinema located on the site of the old timber industry. Managed by the Kinepolis Group

CinéStarlight in Dudelange

The Cinéstarlight in Dudelange is managed by the Kinepolis Group. International films.

Cinemaacher in Grevenmacher

International films for all ages

Cine Ermesinde in Mersch

Opened in 2014 in the premises of Ermesinde High School in Mersch, this ultra-modern cinema with comfortable armchairs offers a program of international films. No need to go to Luxembourg City to enjoy a movie!

Waasserhaus in Mondorf-les-Bains

Small cinema room (54 seats) located in the Thermal Park of Mondorf-les-Bains. International films.

CineKursaal in Rumelange

Even though the CineKursaal in Rumelange is the oldest cinema in Luxembourg, today it offers great comfort with 140 cm between the rows of seats to stretch your legs! No programming in August. International films for all ages. Possibility to rent the cinema for private or corporate events.

Cinemas often organize birthday parties. Ask each cinema

Going out to the theater

In Luxembourg, you will be able to attend national theater plays, written by local authors and performed by Luxembourgish actors. You can also book for theater or opera with international troops.

The offer is quite varied. However, you will need to register to the newsletters of the various theaters to get access to the program and quickly book your place, especially for large international productions. The operas are are full to bursting.

Théâtre National du Luxembourg – TNL

Created in 1996 as part of “Luxembourg – European City of Culture” in 1995, the Théâtre National de Luxembourg wants to be the showcase of Luxembourg theatre. It is located in the district of Luxembourg-Merl.
As a theatre of national creation, the TNL wants to be a theatre of languages and literature. It thus honours the 3 official languages of the Grand Duchy: French, German and Luxembourgish through a very modern programming.
It also offers opera theatre and contemporary musical creations, as well as dance performances.
Its aim is to promote Luxembourg culture internationally by inviting foreign artists to take part in its theatrical or operatic creations and by promoting national productions abroad. It also conducts international projects. Programme for young audiences.

Municipal Theatres

The Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, the Grand Théâtre and the Théâtre des Capucins present theatre productions or shows of very high quality in collaboration with their international partners. T

Grand Théâtre Luxembourg

Built in the early 1960s, the Grand Théâtre is located in the Limpertsberg district of Luxembourg. The Grand Théâtre proposes and co-produces opera, musical theatre, classical and contemporary dance shows. It also hosted 2 Eurovision Song Contests in 1973 and 1984. The Grand Theatre can accommodate up to 950 people. The studio can accommodate between 100 and 400 people.
Robert Schuman car park with direct access to the theatre.

Théâtre des Capucins Luxembourg

Located Rue du Théâtre in Luxembourg-Centre, the Théâtre des Capucins is housed in the former convent of the Capuchin monks, in the heart of Luxembourg city centre. In 1867 the Capuchin Convent was acquired by the municipality, which used the convent church as a municipal theatre until 1964. Renovated, it was inaugurated in its present configuration in 1985 and offers an Italian-style hall with more than 260 seats.
The programming is national and European, with a programming rather oriented towards dramatic theatre.
The inner courtyard of the Théâtre des Capucins hosts the City Open Airt Cinema with Orange during the summer.
Parking of the Theatre.

Municipal Theatre of Esch-sur-Alzette

The Théâtre municipal de la ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette, built in 1962, offers 2 performance halls and a dense and varied programme of performances, balanced between French and German. 
With a first hall with more than 500 seats and a second more intimate 100-seat hall, the theatre offers a wide range of theatrical and musical performances, jazz concerts, dance shows or operas, café-theatre, or literary evenings.
Tickets can be booked at the theatre box office, the music conservatory or the City Tourist Office.
An art gallery on the 2nd floor of the theatre offers exhibitions and is intended to be a real meeting place.

Other theatres

Apart from the Rotondes, the famous Cultural Centre which offers many shows, other smaller theatres offer great opportunities for going out.

Théâtre des Casemates

Located in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, this theatre was created in 1964 under the name “Centre Grand-Ducal d’Art Dramatique”. Its founder Tun Deutsch (1932-1977) wanted to attract a completely new audience by offering an avant-garde theatre. 
To appeal to Luxembourg’s youth, among others, Tun Deutsch therefore organised a summer festival called “Kasematten”. After the death of its founder in 1977, the Kasemattentheater continued its work under the impetus of talented Luxembourg directors. The Kasemattentheater offers plays in German language. In this way, it keeps its founder’s desire for modernism and innovation.

Théâtre du Centaure

The Théâtre du Centaure was created in 1973 by Philippe Noesen, a graduate of the Comédie Française. Located since 1985 in the Grand-Rue, it offers an eclectic and ambitious program in a beautiful vaulted cellar “am Dierfgen”.
The theater offers its own theatrical creations, even operas, in a contemporary style and representative of the national artistic creation, but also more classical plays. Its productions are toured in neighbouring countries and have even won awards at festivals, such as the Off festival in Avignon, France.
Its performances are offered in the country’s three languages, French, Luxembourgish and German. In this theatre hall with 50 seats, the intimate character offers a great closeness to the actors. Small setting, but great effect!

Théâtre Ouvert Luxembourg – TOL

Small theatre created in 1972 by actors passionate about their profession. With no specific place for rehearsals or performances, the actors presented their creations all over Luxembourg. The TOL finally moved to a former spirits shed in the Luxembourg-Bonnevoie district in 1985. Two small halls with fifty and sixty-five seats offer an intimate setting for performances, like a pocket theatre.
The Théâtre Ouvert de Luxembourg offers a creative theatre with 4 creations per season. The programme is mainly in French and offers theatre, café-theatre, cabaret, one-man shows or musical performances. Local actors tackle societal themes to take the audience into a reflection on contemporary society. A bar located on the first floor allows you to end the evening in the company of the actors.

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