Idea bike rides in Luxembourg

Velo au Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a beautiful country; chances are you will often see bikers on the roads, be them devotees or families. Enjoy your rides!

Are you looking for an easy ride with children ? Visit the Vallée de l’Alzette

Where cycling in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has breathtaking landscapes that give you the opportunity to ride either on your own, with your friends or your family. You will be able to enjoy the fields close to being harvested in Summertime, the nice forest colours in Fall, or to breath the fresh Springtime air.

If you’re a mountain bike addict, make the most of the numerous bicycle paths available in the middle of nature.

Bicycle paths on the Luxembourg territory

Luxembourg is equipped with lots of bicycle paths, be it inside or outside the city. The national web is composed of nearly 950km of paths, of which 600km are actually completed. They are all reported on the Ponts et Chaussées website.

The Luxembourg by Cycle map is very useful and provide you with heaps of information. It gives you the paths’ characteristics, their length, the drops, or where to rent a bike. You will also find information about the CFL rail network so that you can combine bicycle and train during your journey. The legends and explanations are given in French, German and English. In order to buy it, please visit

Rides along the Moselle, the Sûre or the Our river

You can benefit from the Moselle region and its vineyards during one or several days. Spend the night in the comfortable and moderns youth hostels of Remerschen, Echternach, Vianden, Larochette or Luxembourg. Packages are often proposed.

If you need more information concerning the cycle and mountain bike tours, visit

Cycling trails from train station to train station in Luxembourg

You are also given the option to roam the country by bike taking the different paths that lead from train station to train station. Most of those tours are part of the national network and accessible to anyone. They are particularly recommended for family excursions; the paths are often even and once arrived at the station, you can head back by train.

Remember that cycling is also an environmentally responsible mode of transportation; why not try it?