Cycling in Luxembourg and beyond

Luxembourg is a very nice country that offers great possibilities for cycling alone, with friends or with the family . While riding your bike, you will be able to admire the fields ready to harvest in summer, the beautiful colors of the forests in autumn, appreciate the pure air of spring, … And why not take the opportunity to stop and have a picnic or a snack in the beautiful Luxembourg countryside?

Mountain bikers, you can ride through the forests and other natural areas. Are you more of a road bike rider? Numerous bicycle paths are available for the comfort and pleasure of all.

Bicycle paths on the Luxembourg territory

Luxembourg has many bicycle paths in the city and outside the city. The national network includes about 950 km of tracks, of which 600 km are currently completed. In addition, municipalities are increasingly committed to formalizing roads and paths for bicycles. These are clearly indicated by blue signs.

How to find the bike paths?

All the national cycle paths are listed on the Ponts et Chaussés website. You will find the national map, with useful indications for each section. You also have the possibility to download the itineraries. Very useful to avoid getting lost on the way!

The Luxembourg by cycle map is also very useful and rich in information. This one informs you about the characteristics of the tracks, the difference in level, the distances of the various cycle routes. You can also find bike rental sites.
The explanations on the map are in French, German and English. For the points of sale see the site

The website

also lists the bicycle paths in Luxembourg. You will find many ideas for bike rides in Luxembourg or further away to Belgium, France or Germany. In addition, the site not only lists route information, but also has an online Googlemap and GPX routes.

Bike paths from station to station in Luxembourg

It is also possible to cycle through Luxembourg by taking the various routes that lead from station to station. Most of these routes, suitable for all levels, are part of the national network of cycle paths. These routes are particularly suitable for family outings: the tracks are often flat and once you arrive at a station you can return by train.

The map Luxembourg by cycle lists the cycle paths along former railway lines. There is also the CFL railway network which facilitates the combination of train and bicycle. Valuable tips for discovering beautiful places, far from home, without having to travel hundreds of kilometers by bike. What a pleasure!

Our bike rides in the Guttland

Located in the center and west of the country, Guttland offers beautiful landscapes. You can walk along the Attert bicycle path which follows an old railroad track along the border with Belgium.

The Alzette Valley also offers a nice idea for a walk, especially with children. From Luxembourg you can follow the Alzette Valley from Grund to Hespérange.

Bike trips along the rivers Moselle, Sûre or Our

The discovery of the Moselle and its vineyards by bike can be done in one or more days. For these bike tours through the regions of the Mosel, the Sûre and the Our, you can sleep in youth hostels in Remerschen, Echternach, Vianden, Larochette and Luxembourg. Packages are often offered. The comfort of the youth hostels is quite good.

The website lists the different cycling paths in the region, while indicating the level of difficulty of each route. Let’s not forget that if the Moselle river bank is flat, the visit of the surrounding villages can quickly turn into an athletic performance to climb the hillsides of the vineyards. But what a beauty!

The Red Earths

In the South of Luxembourg, the Terres Rouges offer an amazing panorama, witness of the mining past of Luxembourg. Mountain bikers can enjoy over 100 miles of biking at the RedRock Mountain Bike Trails.

More information on the bike and mountain bike routes can be found at

Bike trips in the Grand-Est region

You can also go further than the Luxembourg borders and discover the regions of Lorraine in France, Germany or Belgium with the website lorvelo.

Don’t forget, cycling is also an eco-responsible means of transportation, so why not try soft mobility?