Food trucks and Eat it, the Street Food Festival in Luxembourg

Eat it, a food-trucks festival in Luxembourg

Street food lovers, this article is for you!  The next edition of the Eat it street food festival is announced in Luxembourg!

Street food is more and more successful in large cities, especially among workers, who love tasty, exotic or more classic food, near their workplace. Take the air between 2 files, share a meal on the run with one or more colleagues, spend nice time outdoors, without having to run for miles … This probably explains why food trucks are successful.

Where and when, the next Eat-It street food festival?

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April 2022 at the Rotondes (Luxembourg-Bonnevoie), from 12:00 to 22:00. For more information about the agenda at the Rotondes.

Eat It, street food festival in Luxembourg

Hamburger, wrap, pizza, Asian or Indian food but also organic or gluten-free food, the diversity will be one of the strengths of this festival! Everyone’s preference and we can taste everything! The Eat Festival is the place to be for lunch. If you are nearby, do we meet there?, the website dedicated to food-trucks in Luxembourg

Do you know that there is a website dedicated to Luxembourgish food-trucks? lists places where you can find foodtrucks in real-time, but also where your favorite trucks will be parked in the coming days.

Food truck locations in Luxembourg

Very popular at lunchtime around the workplace, food trucks are in great demand. So where can you find a food truck near your place? Here are a few locations (please note that these locations vary according to the allowances of the municipal administration). 

Beggen: Rue Henri-Dunant
Centre: Kinnekswiss Northwest, Villa Vauban
Gasperich: rue François-Hogenberg and rue Guillaume-Kroll
Kirchberg: Konrad-Adenauer Boulevard/Albert-Borschette Street, Kennedy Avenue/Fort Niedergrünewald Street, Edward-Steichen Street/Charles-Bernhoeft Street, Place de l’Europe.
Limpertsberg: avenue Joseph-Sax
Merl: Nic-Bové street
Pfaffenthal: rue Saint-Mathieu.

Do you like the street-food atmosphere? See you at the traditional Christmas markets.