Regularising and registering a foreign driving licence

You have just arrived in Luxembourg and have a foreign driving licence? You may be obliged to register or retranscribe it. You will find in this article the procedures to be followed as well as the people concerned with these obligations.

Exchange and retranscription of driving licences

Certain foreign driving licences holders decide to exchange or to retranscribe their licence for practical reasons. It indeed allows them to obtain easily the dates of validity, to receive more easily a duplicate in case of loss or theft… Certain others don’t have much choice!

Is it compulsory to exchange or retranscribe driving license ?

The people holding a licence obtained in a member country of the European Economic Area (EEA) are not forced to exchange or to retranscribe their driving licence. Indeed, driving licences delivered by another member country of the European Economic Area are recognised in Luxembourg. The holder of such a licence can however, if he wishes and at any time, make register(record) his foreign licence or it exchange for a Luxembourg driving licence, without examination.

On the other hand, persons who have obtained their driving licence in a country outside the EEA have a period of one year to transcribe it. That is to exchange it for a Luxembourg licence. According to the category of the driving licence, an examination will be or not demanded. Also, the drivers in possession of a licence obtained in a country outside the EEA are subjected to the retranscription. Having established their residence in Luxembourg, these people have one year to transcribe their foreign driving licence, that is, to exchange it for a Luxembourg licence.

A peculiarity for young foreign drivers

All the drivers holding a driving licence of the B category (stemming from the EEA or non-stemming from the EEA), dating back to less than 2 years when establishing residence in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will be obliged to participate in a training course at the Centre de Formation in Colmar-Berg. More information on the young drivers’ training course.

How to exchange your driving licence?

The demand can be immediately signed upon the arrival in Luxembourg. The transcription of the licence can be made as soon as possible after a period of one year after having taken up residence in the Grand Duchy. During that year, the holder of a foreign licence can however circulate in the Grand Duchy with his foreign licence, but this one will be subjected to a control as well as to penalties if exceeding the compulsory periods.
To retranscribe a licence and get a Luxembourg driving licence, the driver has to fill(perform) a specific request form of the service(department) of driving licence of the SNCA of Sandweiler and supply a photocopy both sides in rule(ruler) of his foreign driving licence, a passport photo, a proof of residence dating less than a month obtained with his municipal administration of residence, as well as a photocopy of an ID.

The “Demande en Obtention d’un Permis de Conduire Luxembourgeois” form can now be completed online via the site “MyGuichet”.

More information on the website 

Validity and renewal of the driving licence

Finally, once your licence is recorded or retranscribed, do not forget to keep yourself informed as for its duration of validity. Indeed, in Luxembourg, the validity of a driving licence depends on its category and on its date of issue. Even if the SNCA often lets you know when it’s time to renew it, make sure to keep yourslef posted!

You wish to run in Luxembourg with your car? Make sure to be administratively in order with your vehicle and to follow the current regulations on the Luxembourg roads.