Which sectors of activity are recruiting, who and how many?

Looking for a job in Luxembourg? Which sectors are recruiting? What profiles are you looking for? What are the pay scales according to the experience and skills presented? Here you’ll find all the information you need about recruitment in Luxembourg, including profiles and salaries.

The latest remuneration study presented by Hays Recruitment, a Luxembourg-based recruitment specialist, shows that the impact of the Covid19 crisis is still very strong.

Luxembourg recruitment after Covid

A new working environment linked to the Covid crisis

To maintain their profits and ensure their continued development despite the Covid crisis, companies have had to rise to a number of challenges.

Since March 2020, the Luxembourg labor market has changed.Companies have had to adapt to the health context in order to protect their employees’ health and continue their business.

Against the backdrop of an uncertain health crisis, companies have had to adopt new working methods. Telecommuting and managing dispersed teams were major challenges, which companies had to meet in record time. At the same time, they had to modify their sales channels and develop online sales.

This new work environment has been translated differently depending on the sector and the company. New procedures have been put in place. Companies have acquired new IT tools.

This has led to new skills requirements for companies. Some had to call on new profiles.

Continued recruitment

Despite the crisis, almost 70% of companies have continued to recruit, with almost half on permanent contracts. The IT and telecom sectors, financial services (banking/insurance), and accounting have been the most active in this area.

In addition, compensation remained stable in nearly 90% of cases. The increases recorded have remained fairly small, between 2.5 and 5% maximum.

Flexibility, a major criterion in the job search

In this unprecedented health context, remote working has developed strongly. All companies have had to adapt, at least for their administrative staff.

In fact, despite the end of the pandemic, employees are still in favor of flexibility. In practical terms, telecommuting is now part of the working environment. Although companies are starting to bring their employees back on-site, some are still working remotely on a full-time basis.

In all cases, job applicants raise the issue of telecommuting at the very first recruitment interview.Today, teleworking represents a significant benefit in kind.

The professions and the skills sought

Growing professions

Horeca, investment funds, construction, home delivery, financial regulation are sectors that are getting stronger. The IT and project management professions are also on the rise.

Other professions linked to the revalorization of raw materials, cloud architects or baristas are developing to follow new environmental, technological or societal trends.

Jobs in short supply

At the same time, there is a strong shortage in the craft trades (butcher, electrician, etc.) or in trades where a high level of qualification is required.

This is particularly true for computer scientists and lawyers.

Highly valued skills

Specific skills such as language skills are highly valued in Luxembourg, given the country’s linguistic particularity.

Cross-functional skills such as management, digital or personal skills are also highly sought after.

Sectors that are recruiting: who and how many?

We give you here some benchmarks in terms of remuneration in Luxembourg.

Remember that these salaries are gross salaries, negotiated with the employer during job interviews. The salary actually paid by the employer will be a net salary, minus the taxes that are deducted at source in Luxembourg

Architecture, design offices, building and public works sector

Is the construction sector still very active and dynamic?

If you look up, you will see an impressive number of cranes and construction sites along the roads. The various districts of Luxembourg City and the south of the country are launching large-scale projects to revitalize certain areas. These projects all have one thing in common: a harmonious mix of housing, offices and shops, offering a quality living environment in harmony with the surroundings.

However, the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 mark the end of the year in the real estate sector. More than 600 companies related to the immbilier sector have closed recently. See the latest real estate trends.

The infrastructure projects are numerous in Luxembourg. The objective is to adapt the means of transportation to the growth of the population. The electrical and climatic engineering sector is also a source of jobs and attracts young graduates from neighboring countries.

Project managers who are bilingual in French and German, or even trilingual in Luxembourgish, are in great demand. Experienced profiles are the most sought after.

The lack of resources gives the candidates the upper hand, with an overbidding of salaries. A new transverse function is emerging, the Building Information Modeling or Management to facilitate construction projects.


Salary ranges in the field of architecture vary between 30,000 and 110,000 euros gross per year

  • draughtsman: 30,000 euros for a draughtsman without experience to 60,000 euros beyond 8 years of experience,
  • interior design : 31.000 to 48.000 euros according to experience
  • urban planner : 33.0000 to 63.000 euros according to experience level
  • architect : 33.000 to 67.000 euros
  • experienced project manager: up to 70,000 euros
  • experienced Agency Manager: up to 110,000 euros per year


In the construction industry , salaries vary from 28,000 euros to 100,000 euros and more

  • Site manager with less than 3 years experience: 28,000 euros
  • Works manager : from 35.0000 to 65.000 euros
  • Engineers / Project Managers: from 50.000 to more than 75.000 euros depending on experience
  • Operations manager: from 90,000 to more than 150,000 euros
  • Project manager in electrical or climatic engineering: from 32.000 to 73.000 euros
  • Experienced works managers: more than 100,000 euros per year, 95,000 euros maximum for interior works.

Corporate finance and accounting sector

Since 2016, the finance and accounting sector has been on a roll in Luxembourg. Despite the health crisis, this sector has continued to recruit. Financial constraints have prompted the recruitment of operational staff quickly.

The trend is to internalize financial and accounting processes. In addition, companies seem to want to anticipate future retirements in the next 2 or 3 years. Real career plans are offered to professionals in the sector. Referral positions are being created to supervise junior teams.

On the other hand, remuneration has increased only slightly in this sector. Companies preferother forms of remuneration such as social packages, like mutual insurance or pension plans, or even luncheon vouchers and company cars.

Salaries from 30,000 to over 120,000 euros in the finance and accounting sector

Management functions

  • Credit manager: from 53,000 euros per year for profiles with less than 3 years experience, 83,000 euros for an experienced profile
  • Chief accountant: from 55.000 euros to more than 99.000 euros
  • Accounting manager: from 68,000 euros to 105,000 euros for an administrative and financial manager
  • Financial Director: 125,000 euros and more

Operational functions

  • accountant : from 30.000 to 50.000 euros per year
  • management controller: from 45.000 to 105.000 euros
  • financial controller: from 55,000 to 116,000 euros
  • listeners: from 37,000 euros

Financial services, banking, insurance

Luxembourg is a leader in the field of investment funds and the leading investment center in the European Union. Indeed, it continues to attract major international financial institutions.

With more than 50,000 jobs, the sector is recruiting more and more operational jobs, especially in private equity and real estate.

The compliance and risk businesses are also growing.

Bilingual French/English profiles are highly sought after. There are still many job opportunities.

Salaries from 35,000 to over 100,000 euros in financial services, banking and insurance

  • Operational professions: salaries from 38,000 to over 100,000 euros
  • Compliance: 40 to more than 100,000 euros expected depending on the expertise
  • Risk trades from 35 to 100,000 euros or more.

IT and telecom sector

The sector is stabilizing after a strong growth in Luxembourg, due to the relocation of IT services to the Grand Duchy and the investments made by the government in this area.

Nonetheless, fintechs still provide employment and the outlook is good for the employees who remain. The health context has opened up new perspectives and new projects.

Salaries from 32,000 to 120,000 euros and more in the IT and telecom field


  • junior test engineer: from 35,000 euros per year
  • software architect or functional project manager : from 120.000 euros

Infrastructure and security

  • technical assistance service: from 32,000 to 60,000 euros depending on the level of experience
  • system and network administrator: from 38.000 to 75.000 euros
  • systems and network engineer: from 40 to 80,000 euros.

Business Intelligence and ERP

  • confirmed data scientist : from 35.000 euros in the low range to 100.000 euros


  • IT project manager: from 45.000 to 100.000 euros and more for experienced profiles
  • senior IT manager: between 120 and 250,000 per year.

Human Resources

The HR function has changed significantly with the pandemic. Companies are looking for profiles capable of accompanying the profound changes in the company.

Already faced with digitalization in the past, the sector must now manage teleworking while maintaining team cohesion and entrepreneurship. The challenges are numerous and companies are looking for experienced profiles, capable of developing processes and maintaining activities.

HR teams must master digital tools and ensure a constant presence with employees. Recruitment outsourcing is a strong trend.

Salaries from 30.000 to more than 130.000 euros per year

  • HR Assistant: from 30,000 to 52,000 euros per year
  • HR Manager: from 37.000 to 68.000 euros per month depending on experience
  • Senior recruitment manager up to 93,000 euros per year
  • Training manager up to 83,000 euros for an experienced profile
  • Payroll manager: from 30.000 to 73.000 euros per year, Payroll manager up to 93.000 euros
  • HR Manager up to 93.000 euros
  • HRD up to 134.000 euros per year.

Assistance and secretarial services

This market continues to recruit with more and more requirements on the profile of the candidates.

They must have good analytical skills and be able to manage increasingly complex projects.

Multilingual profiles with good business and IT technical skills are preferred. The candidate has all the more chance of being recruited if he or she can prove expertise in the sector of activity concerned.

The candidate will also have to share the values of the company and show an adequate know-how.

The salary prospects are good, commensurate with the skills required. Good profiles are sought after and necessarily valued in terms of remuneration. Multilingual profiles receive a higher salary of approximately 2,000 euros.

Salary ranges from 32,000 euros to 60,000 euros depending on profile and skills.

  • Executive assistant: multilingual profile from 33.000 euros per year to 60.000 euros
  • Office assistant: from 32,000 to 54,000 euros for a multilingual profile
  • Specialized assistant: from 32,000 to 45,000 euros for a commercial assistant, and up to 54,000 euros for a legal assistant.
  • Support functions such as receptionist or administrative assistant: from 32,000 to 42,000 euros.

Commercial, marketing and communication sector

In the commercial field, companies are above all looking for multilingual profiles, especially German speakers . Germany is one of the main countries of exchange with Luxembourg. The profiles sought must be able to interact with the local population.

Mobility and technical knowledge, especially IT, are valued .

Moreover, as the digital channel is taking over following the pandemic context, skills in this area are necessarily valued.

If remunerations were historically based on a variable salary, employees are now trying to reduce this part of their salary and give preference to the fixed part. In 3 out of 4 cases, a company car is granted.

Salary ranges from 26,000 euros to 150,000 euros depending on the profile, experience and sector of activity.


  • sedentary customer consultant: from 34,000 euros to 49,000 euros
  • junior marketing officer: 36,000 euros per year
  • marketing manager: up to 75,000 euros
  • sales engineer: from 45,000 euros per year to 90,000 euros for a technical sales engineer.
  • sales manager up to 130,000 euros.


  • sedentary salesperson: between 34,000 and 50,000 euros depending on the level of experience
  • itinerant sales representative: between 35 and 65,000 euros if he is experienced
  • sales manager up to 125.000 euros if he is experienced.

IT sector IT

  • account manager: from 36,000 euros
  • sales manager: up to 150,000 euros

Automotive sector

  • beginner salesman : from 33.000 euros per year
  • car fleet manager: up to 82,000 euros

Fashion and luxury

  • Entry-level salesperson: from 26,000 euros to 44,000 euros per year after 8 years of experience,
  • Regional Sales Manager: up to 64,000 euros.

Supply chain, purchasing and logistics

Whether for road, river or air transport,Luxembourg is now recognized as the European logistics center.

Cargolux is a reference in the field of air cargo transport. The multi-modal railway center in Bettembourg has taken its place in the market.

The profiles we are looking for are analytical profiles in order to further improve the processes.

If salaries remain stable in this field, multilingual (French, German and English) and technical profiles clearly have a place to make in an international market. Field experience is valued.

Salaries in logistics and supply chain vary from 36,000 to 140,000 euros per year

Purchasing area

  • project buyer: between 36 and 80,000 euros per year
  • Purchasing manager: from 52,000 to 95,000 euros
  • purchasing manager: from 82 to 140,000 euros per year.

Supply chain, logistics and transportation

  • transit agent: between 30 and 50,000 euros per year
  • operations manager: between 39 and 55,000 euros
  • supply chain manager: up to 110,000 euros per year, or even 130,000 euros in the industry.


Due to its central location in the heart of Europe and its economic situation, Luxembourg attracts companies in the legal sector.

Today, new law firms are appearing on the market. They are looking for profiles capable of managing international relations and links with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier.

Legal salaries range from 35,000 to 150,000 euros and more depending on the profile

Law firms

  • lawyer: remuneration from 35 to 85,000 euros p
  • senior partner: up to 110,000 euros
  • partner from 120 to 160.000 euros.

Fiduciary firms

  • secretary: remuneration from 40 to 80.000 euros
  • tax manager: 110,000 euros
  • head of tax : 150.000 euros

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