Many supermarkets are available in Luxembourg for shopping at the fastest and most convenient way, in addition to convenience stores and other food shops such as bakeries, butchers, fishmongers, cheese factories, … round the corner.

You will find in the hypermarkets and supermarkets all the food products and fresh products you need, such as fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, caterers, cheese, …. You can even find many exotic food products or from your own country.

The many shelves also offer all the cleaning and maintenance products, hygiene and beauty, leisure items such as books, CDs, DVDs, toys, gardening, sports, … with quite a large choice.

The clothes shelves allow you to dress and find shoes at a lower price compared to shop prices in town. But do not even be surprised to find great brands !

One of the surprising sources of expatriates recently arrived in Luxembourg, is the ability of supermarket staff to practice several languages. They can easily switch from Luxembourgish to French, German, English or Portuguese! In the alleys, you will also hear many different languages ​​according to the families you meet! Let’s not forget that Luxembourg is a multilingual country.

Hypermarkets and supermarkets are often located in shopping centers that will also allow you to do your shopping or even have a break in restaurants or coffee shops.

Looking for organic fresh fruits and vegetables? Think of markets and especially local producers.

Below you will find the non-exhaustive list of hypermarkets and supermarkets in Luxembourg, including those :

  • open on Sundays: Cactus, Delhaize, Aldi, Smatch and Match, Pall Center (open 7 days / 7), …
  • with home delivery or service drive: Auchan, Naturata, …