Hypermarkets and supermarkets where to shop

There are many supermarkets in Luxembourg where you can buy your supplies. These hypermarkets and supermarkets complement the convenience stores and other food shops for shopping. You can fill up your cart as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Services offered by supermarkets and hypermarkets

Diversity of languages spoken

First of all, shopping in a supermarket is easier when the employees speak several languages. All newly arrived expatriates are surprised by the ability of the employees to switch very easily from one language to another: Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Portuguese,… Very useful when you are looking for a product in the shelves or at the checkout when you forgot something.

In addition, you will also be able to hear all the languages as you pass by the families in the aisles! Very exotic! But let’s not forget that Luxembourg is a multilingual country.

Free indoor and outdoor parking

Then shopping is more convenient when parking is available. All supermarkets offer parking facilities in their large parking lots. In addition, they are free for their customers. You can easily fill your cart and empty it directly into the trunk of your car before leaving.

Opening of supermarkets on Sunday

Most supermarkets are open on Sunday mornings from 8am to 1pm.

On the other hand, the big stores are all closed on public holidays. Remember to do your shopping the day before.

Among the specificities, the following supermarkets are open on Sunday: Cactus, Lidl, Delhaize, Aldi, Smatch and Match, Pall Center (open 7 days a week),…

Online shopping and home delivery

Several supermarkets offer online shopping via the Internet. You will find more or less the same products, even if the choice is more limited.

You can then pick up your groceries either at the store itself or in a drive-through service. The groceries will then be loaded directly into your vehicle. The deadlines are either the same day or the next day, at a predefined time.

Some supermarkets deliver directly to your home. Very practical, when you don’t have a car!

The following signs have a home delivery service. They also offer a click&collect service or a drive service allowing you to do your shopping on the internet: Auchan, Naturata, Luxcaddy, Cora, Colruyt…

Eco-responsibility, greener stores

The supermarkets are now all involved in a more ecological distribution.

Like all stores, supermarkets have eliminated plastic bags and single-use bags. You can find washable and reusable cloth bags for a fee or paper bags in the produce department.

Reusable shopping bags are also available at the checkout. These robust eco-bags are available for less than 1 euro. Reusable, they are exchangeable for life and recyclable. You too can participate in making shopping more environmentally friendly.

You will also find in the stores shelves of products in bulk for cereals, dried fruits, washing powder,… Some meat, fish and cheese departments also accept to deliver products in your personal containers, as long as they are clean.

Other services

Finally, supermarkets in Luxembourg are often located in shopping centers . You can take advantage of this to do some shopping or even have a meal. In fact, you can also benefit from wifi or daycare for your children while you shop.

Recycling bins are also available nearby. You can take advantage of this opportunity to sort your waste and/or get rid of superfluous packaging boxes at the exit.

What can I find in supermarkets / hypermarkets in Luxembourg?

Many departments with diversified and international products

In the shelves of hypermarkets and supermarkets, you will find all the products or almost… Food products, fresh and frozen products, beverages, hygiene and beauty, home care, grocery, leisure, clothing, …

Luxembourg’s supermarkets have the particularity of offering international products.

Some supermarkets have specific departments for local and organic products. You will undoubtedly be able to find many exotic food products or from your country of origin.

As for the “Products of the World” departments, they are very large and well-stocked. You are sure to find the specific product for a local specialty.

Supermarkets also sell branded products in the clothing or shoe departments. Don’t forget to stop by to buy the latest sneakers…

Which shelves for which products?

Fruits and vegetables are presented in the market garden department. The meat presented in the butchery department comes from several origins: Luxembourg, France, Ireland, … In the delicatessen section, you will find products from Luxembourg, France, Italy, … The cheeses are also from many countries: France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal,… Fresh fish is offered in the fish department.

The cheese departments are generally well stocked with cheeses from all origins. The bakery/pastry shop offers all kinds of breads, pastries and croissants, home-made cakes and pies, … Similarly, the cakes and confectionery departments offer a multitude of products from many countries.

Hypermarkets and supermarkets all offer a catering department for prepared meals.

The many departments also offer you all the cleaning and maintenance products, hygiene and beauty, leisure articles such as books, CDs, DVDs, toys, gardening, sports, . .. with a large choice.

The clothing departments will allow you to wear clothes and shoes at a lower price compared to store prices. Don’t be surprised to find some great brands.

Which supermarket chains?

Each supermarket has its own particularity.


Action is not really a supermarket as such, but rather a distributor of mostly non-food products at discounted prices. There are more and more stores in Luxembourg.


Aldi offers food and everyday products at discount prices. Multiple addresses are available (see website). Renmans butcher shops located near Aldi supermarkets offer quality meat at reasonable prices.


This French supermarket brand is very present in Luxembourg. Several emblematic locations in the Cloche d’Or, Kirchberg and Differdange shopping centers. A drive service is also available.


Cactus is the Luxembourgish supermarket and store chain. The Cactus group has several concepts, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, Cactus Marché mini-markets, Cactus Shoppi grocery stores, Cactus Hobbi (do-it-yourself, decoration, multimedia, etc.), and Cactus Restaurants.

A catering service is offered with “De Schnékert”.

Since November 2019, Cactus supermarkets have been offering AIDS self-tests. Cactus can be found in the Nordstrooss Shopping Mile, the Howald shopping area, Rue des Scillas and the Belle-Etoile Shopping Center in Bertrange.


The Belgian company offers interesting wholesale prices. Colruyt guarantees the best prices and refunds the difference if you have found a cheaper price elsewhere. The Collect and Go service allows you to order online and then pick up your purchases. Three collection points: Gasperich, Mersch and Sanem.


This French brand is present in Luxembourg, as well as its convenience stores Match and Smatch. C

oradrive allows you to do your shopping online with a collection point in Foetz or Messancy (border with Belgium). The Cora stores are located in Foetz and in the City Concorde shopping center in Bertrange.


Delhaize is a Belgian supermarket group based in Luxembourg. Several brands in nearly 30 points of sale: Delhaize, AD, Proxy, Shop & Go, Knauf.

The motto of Delhaize stores is “Buy well / Eat well”. You will find Delhaize supermarkets in the shopping centers Walfer Shopping Center in Walferdange, Belval Plaza Shopping Center, Centre Hamilius.

Grand Frais

Grand Frais is a new supermarket in Luxembourg. You will find fruits and vegetables, butchery, fish and cheese departments and a grocery department. The concept has been elected “Favorite brand of the French in 2022, in the category Specialized Food. Two stores in Luxembourg: Contern and Mersch.


Lidl are mainly food supermarkets. The products are offered at discount prices. There are many Luxembourg and Portuguese products.


Luxcaddy is an online supermarket that delivers free of charge throughout the country.


Naturata Luxembourg is a network of 11 points of sale of products coming exclusively from organic cultures.

The products often carry the Demeter label, organic and biodynamic products supplied by BIOGROS. The site of Munsbach proposes a bio-restaurant. Open in the morning, its organic gourmet breakfasts or lunches cooked with organic products are appreciated by the employees in the area. Take-away service.

Shopping in Luxembourg – testimony

Luxembourg has a lot in common with Germany. But when it comes to food products, you immediately realize that you are on the other side of the border.


Expatriate in Luxembourg, Germany

Eva, a German expatriate in Luxembourg, gives you all her good tips to find typical and quality products in the Grand Duchy! Lhen you move to a new country, it’s important to find your eating habits and references.
specialties, specific ingredients, fresh products, … Eva shares her feelings about the culinary habits in the Grand Duchy.

The diversity of the offer in Luxembourg

More than 47% of Luxembourg’s population are foreigners, coming from over 170 different countries. This multiculturality is reflected in the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores.

Many brands

First of all, there is a real diversity of supermarkets in Luxembourg. Depending on their origin, they offer an infinite variety of delicious food products.

There are also many more specialty food stores from specific countries. Specialty food stores come from England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Nordic countries, …

A huge choice of products of all kinds

You will find in Luxembourg a wide variety of local and international wines and other liquors in your supermarkets. Luxembourg beer is not bad at all! Moreover, thanks to the low taxes, the alcohol sold in Luxembourg is generally much cheaper than in Germany.

If you are a “sweet tooth”, Luxembourg will be heaven on earth for you. There are more chocolate and pastry shops in Luxembourg’s capital than you can shake a stick at! They offer incredible cakes, cookies, and chocolates. Forget the famous Schwarwälder Kirschtorte! Try delicious sweets such as MontBlanc, tarte tatin or Truffle Cake. And, of course, the macaroons! By the way, did you know that macaroons were called “Luxemburgerli” in Switzerland?

Fresh and good quality products

One of my favorite aspects of Luxembourg is the choice of high quality products. Unfortunately, at a very high price compared to Germany.

You can find an incredible variety of fresh fish and se afood. Almost all supermarkets have their own fish shops. The quality is excellent. The best place to buy fish in Luxembourg is certainly the Poissonnerie Centrale, in the Gare district . It is still very expensive, but the quality surpasses everything.

Also try Thym Citron on rue de Strasbourg! It is one of the best places in town to find quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shopping in Germany is cheaper than in Luxembourg

Nevertheless, food is very expensive in Luxembourg compared to Germany. Many people go to Germany to do their weekly shopping.

They also take the opportunity to go to DM, even if the German brands Lidl and Aldi are well established in Luxembourg. The Cactus stores (Luxembourg supermarket) also offer many German branded food products.

The main reason I go shopping in Germany is the great lack of bread varieties in Luxembourg. French baguette is found everywhere, but the diversity remains limited.
If you like wholemeal bread and organic products, you can go to the organic departments of your supermarkets.

You will find all kinds of products, these departments are generally well supplied in Luxembourg. Otherwise, there is Naturata, one of the few stores dedicated to organic food in Luxembourg. I think their number could be increased.