Easter traditions in Luxembourg

Spring break is coming up… Even if they are special this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is nevertheless the occasion to remind what the traditional Easter holidays are and what they represent in Luxembourg.

Easter is celebrated this year on Sunday 4 April 2021.

Easter in Luxembourg, a christian religious celebration 

Easter is a important Christian religious celebration that marks the end of the season of Lent which takes place after the Carnival period. As the majority of Luxembourgish people are Christian, Easter celebrations result in public holidays in Luxembourg (Easter and Easter Monday). Take the opportunity to visit the Éimaischen market in Luxembourg-City or Nospelt!

In this holy season, Christians attend religious celebrations. These begin on the Thursday evening before Easter, on the occasion of Jesus’ last meal with his disciples. Holy Friday represents the day of Jesus’ death by crucifixion. Traditionally, people don’t eat meat that day. Easter Eve is held on Holy Saturday. And on the Sunday of Easter Day, the faithful celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a very important day for Christians.

The rattles “Klibberen”, to replace the bells left to Rome for Easter 

The tradition says that church bells fly to Rome from Maundy Thursday, 3 days before Easter Sunday. In Luxembourg, they are replaced by kids playing rattles (klibber) as they go through villages from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday. You will see that particular week “Klibberen” signs with children with rattles at the entrance of villages and municipalities. They are there to warn motorists and to encourage them to slow down…

In return, children receive Easter eggs and money on Easter Sunday. Plan treats or even a little change if these children knock at your door!

Easter egg hunts throughout the country 

Easter eggs hunt Luxembourg

But Easter is first of all a family celebration with traditional egg hunts. Many institutions, communes and associations organise big egg hunts involving children and sometimes parents! Check with your commune.

In Luxembourg, chocolate Easter eggs are brought by the Easter Bunny (Ouschterhues), instead of the bells!

In view of the restrictions linked to the Coronavirus, these egg hunts are of course banned this year. 

2 weeks of school holidays are given to pupils and high-school students.

Just after Easter, the Octave pilgrimage and market take place in Luxembourg.