All Saints' Day festivities

  • 26/Oct/2024
All Saints' Day - Halloween in Luxembourg
All Saints' Day - Halloween in Luxembourg

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November 1st is a public holiday in Luxembourg. Around this day, several traditional and family celebrations coexist. Feast of the Dead, All Saints' Day, Halloween, Trauliicht - what do they mean and how are they celebrated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg?

All Saints' Day (Allerhellegen) and Day of the Dead (Allerséilen)

All Saints' Day falls on November 1 each year. It's a public holiday in Luxembourg. Children are usually on vacation for the whole week. 

Traditionally, All Saints' Day is the day when families celebrate their deceased. It is the day of "Allerhellegen" in Luxembourgish.

Religious celebrations take place in churches across the country. Families then go to cemeteries to pay tribute to their deceased loved ones by planting flowers on their graves.

The following day, November 2, is not a public holiday. It's the Day of the Dead or Allerséilen in Luxembourgish.

Trauliicht to ward off evil spirits in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg tradition of Trauliicht is an ancestral tradition from the Ardennes. Beet Week or "Trauliichtwochen " consists of a parade through the streets at dusk with " Traulichter".

These lanterns, hand-carved from beet and lit with candles, depict scary, grimacing faces. According to tradition, these Trauliichter are supposed to ward off evil spirits.

Every year, the Robbesscheier Tourist Center in the Luxembourg Ardennes organizes events around this Luxembourg tradition, reminiscent of Halloween.

Halloween in Luxembourg

Costume ball? Creative workshops? Door to door? Even if it's not strictly speaking a Luxembourg tradition, the approach of October 31st and Halloween is a joy not only for Luxembourg's Anglo-Saxon community, but also for all children.

Halloween is fast approaching and, as is often the case, many parents don't know what activities to do with their children. Just Arrived has selected several original ways to celebrate Halloween with your children in and around Luxembourg!

American Halloween tradition with AWCL

Every year, the American Women's Club de Luxembourg organizes a Halloween party in Luxembourg. Part of the proceeds go to various local charities. Non-members of the AWCL can also take part. The event is open to the public. More information on the AWCL website.

Halloween floral workshop at Kulturhaus Niederanven

If your child isn't a fan of costume balls or door-to-door trick-or-treating, consider offering a workshop at the Niederanven cultural center. Every year, children get creative with a Halloween theme. Further information: Kulturhaus Niederanven -145, route de Trèves - L-6940 Niederanven -

Scary Halloween walk in Beaufort

How about a family game of scare tactics with a hike in the forest? Organized by the Beaufort youth hostel on October 31 at dusk, this forest tour will end around a campfire with a light snack. Reservations required.

Where to celebrate Halloween in the Greater Region?

Hanlloween magic at the Han Caves

Come and experience Halloween at the Domaine des Grottes de Han in Belgium. You'll be able to meet strange characters wandering through the Han Animal Park and the Troll's Lair, an original tour of the caves. For the occasion, the restaurant will also house an undead cemetery. Events are scheduled from October 22 to November 6.

Masquerade costume for all at Walygator

From October 15, the entire Walygator park in Amnéville, France, will be decked out in Halloween colors. Thousands of pumpkins, animated decorations and street shows take over the amusement park. The Haunted House is full of surprises, as are the Evil Cups. A new show, The Monster Show, will delight all visitors. Nightly entertainment will enliven very special evenings. And there's a challenge for the fearless (over 16).

Guaranteed atmosphere and lots of surprises! We've pulled out all the stops to amaze your children this Halloween! It's the perfect opportunity for them to discover or rediscover this French theme park in an original atmosphere!
What's more, everyone is invited to come dressed up and have fun in the park in an atmosphere worthy of the best Halloween parties!

Europa-Park in Halloween style

From October 1 to November 6, Europa Park in Germany is also going all out for Halloween. Add even more spooky moments to your stay in the park!

Another traditional Luxembourg event: Liichtsmessdag, where children go from door to door begging for sweets.

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