Extra linguistic tutoring aimed at pupils

Aide integration scolaireForeign children recently arrived in Luxembourg and/or not mastering Luxemburgish or German when entering the Luxembourg elementary school can benefit from a certain number of linguistic tutoring hours.

Elementary school

The Luxembourg elementary school welcomes more and more children who do not speak Luxembourgish when they start school. At the primary school, oral discussions occur in Luxemburgish from the first year of nursery school. The learning of reading and writing are realised in German from the first year of primary school. French is introduced from the 2nd year of primary school onwards.

Thanks to the tutoring offered automatically  to the pupils that do not master the official languages, your children will be capable of learning quickly Luxemburgish and German. Thanks to particular language courses – or very reduced numbers – given within the framework of school, your children can find their bearings easily in their new environment. Extra tutoring hours are given during the schoolday as a replacement for other subjects. Their number depends on your child’s progress.

Schooling assistance for kids over 12

You have just arrived in Luxembourg and do not know in which school to register your teenager, or which education to choose? Is the language a problem? The CASNA is there to help you!

The CASNA, the school reception unit for newcomers in Luxembourg, does whatever it takes to supervise and support your children over 12 in their schooling in Luxembourg. Its members give you targeted information, help you make choices adapted for your children and provide you with quality advice.

On the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth, the CASNA focuses mainly on the schooling assistance for pupils from 12 to 17 years willing to study in post-primary education in Luxembourg.

School choice in adequacy with your children’s profile

The CASNA informs the young newcomers in Luxembourg and their parents about the Luxembourg secondary school system, but also about the various helps planned to facilitate their integration within a school. What is the main purpose? Helping these pupils become integrated into a class corresponding to their profile and to their skills in order to allow them to develop at best from a school and social point of view.

Possibility of special education

Many do not know about it, but reception and specialised integration classes were created in Luxembourg to welcome the young newcomers from 12 to 17 in an environment favorable to their learning. English-speaking and “international” classes also exist, as well technical and professional education classes.

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