Language support course in the Luxembourg Basic School system

Aide integration scolaireForeign children newly arrived in Luxembourg and / or not fluent in Luxembourgish or German on arrival at the Luxembourg Fundamental School may benefit from a number of hours of language support courses.

At the Luxembourg Fundamental School (primary level), oral exchanges are in Luxembourgish from the first year of nursery. Reading and writing are taught in German from the 1st year of primary school. French is introduced from the 2nd year of primary school.

Thanks to the tutoring provided to children who do not speak official languages, your children will be able to learn Luxembourgish and German quickly. Thanks to these special language lessons in very small classes, your children will be able to integrate more easily into their new school environment. Support hours take place during the school day and replace other lessons. Their number depends on your child’s progress.

School advices for children over 12 years old

You have just arrived in Luxembourg with your children and they are a bit lost? You don’t know which school to register them nor what education to choose? Is the language a problem? Casna is here to help you!

A reception center for new students and pupils arriving in Luxembourg

CASNA (Cellule d’Accueil Scolaire pour élèves Nouveaux Arrivants), is a reception center for students newcomers in Luxembourg.  The CASNA makes every effort to frame and support your children in their education. Its members give you targeted information, help you make suitable choices for your children and provide quality advice.

On initiative of the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth, CASNA mainly focuses on helping students aged from 12 to 17 wishing to continue their education in post-primary education in Luxembourg.

An academic choice compatible with the profile of your child

CASNA informs the young newcomers in Luxembourg and their parents on the Luxembourgian school system, but also on the different aids provided to facilitate their integration within a school. The goal ? Help these students to integrate into a class corresponding to their profile and their skills in order to enable them to evolve at best on a school and social point of view.

Possibility of a specialized education if needed

Indeed, many do not know it, but specialized reception and integration classes were established in Luxembourg in order to welcome the young newcomers from 12 to 17 in an environment which is favorable to their instruction. “International” and English speaking classes also exist, as well as technical and vocational education classes. To learn more about the different proposed studies and registration details, click here.

For more information about CASNA, it is here.

And for more information about the Luxembourgian education click here!

Luxembourg School Support Group

The Luxembourgish Schools Support Group (or “LSSG”) aims to provide information in English on the Luxembourgish education system as well as practical help for parents of any nationality with children in the state schools. The LSSG is a group of volunteer parents who try and support other parents in similar situations.

The Luxembourgish Schools Support Group holds one meeting per year to introduce prospective families to the Luxembourgish primary system, and another to present the Luxembourgish lycée system and the transition from primary school.

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