School and education in Luxembourg

Are you moving in Luxembourg or intending to become a resident? Do you wish to know more about education and the trainings proposed in the Grand Duchy?

Do you have small children? You will find in this column everything you need to know about the functioning of the Luxembourg primary school system for children that are old enough to be schooled, about the remedial courses proposed to foreigner newcomers and about the solutions to baby-sit your children before their schooling.

Are your children older? Just Arrived also suggests you to discover the secondary education possibilities and the Luxembourg high school offers, as well as the private or international schools present in Luxembourg. You can thereby make the best choice for your children.

Finally, concerning adults training, we give you some practical information about the various possible in-service trainings in the Grand Duchy.

Schooling and studying in Luxembourg


Thanks to the Just Arrived paper guide, find all the necessary information concerning the education of your child, his schooling according to his age as well as further information about the possibilities of in-service training in Luxembourg.

Of a practical format, you can consult it at your convenience, put it in your bag, your car or leave itt at the office.