Nopeschfest, Neighbours’ Day

With spring here, we all want to enjoy our gardens or stay out in the evening to enjoy the nice weather and beautiful evenings. So why not take the opportunity to celebrate with our neighbors? This is a good thing, thehe Nopeschfest returns to Luxembourg on the weekend of 20, 21 and 22 May 2022.

Nopeschfest on May 20, 21 and 22

Across the country, neighbors will gather to eat, socialize and make new friends. And for this special day, municipalities are actively encouraging the gathering of neighborsby providing benches, tables and various other materials to celebrate in one’s neighborhood.

Roads can be closed for the occasion, to leave all the space to the children without any risk and to take over the street.

Some of the neighborhood committees or neighbors take the opportunity to meet in the local playground to celebrate the Nopeschfest. If the weather is good, this is an opportunity to bring your barbecue and grill sausages, salads and drinks to share. the opportunity to share your specialties or those of your country with your neighbors.

All nationalities, all ages, dogs and other companions are invited to share a good time between neighbors, without worrying about noise .

In these troubled times, it has never been more important to get to know your neighbors and live in peace and harmony! And once the party is over, you will have the satisfaction of finally getting to know your neighbors and being able to exchange more than just a “Moses”.

So go ahead, take the initiative and throw a party in your neighborhood. Contact your local government for logistics and put small messages in your neighbors’ mailboxes. With several people, it will always be fun to organize this event.

And who knows? You could make friends for life and it’s always handy when you need sugar or flour!

Invitations and downloads for advertising are available on the Nopeschfest website . You can also like the Facebook page and share your photos.

Good Neighbour Guide

No noise for your neighbors

Each municipality establishes hours outside of which it is not permitted to make noise above a certain number of decibels. So as not to annoy your neighbors and to keep good relations, make sure to respect these schedules.

Check with your local government for details of the bylaw.

If you are having a party with your friends, remember to tell your neighbors beforehand. Respect the decibel level indicated, close your windows and turn down the sound from a certain time. Otherwise, you risk being visited by the Grand Ducal Police and fined. You can find the Grand Ducal regulations here.

Generally, gardening is allowed during the day and only on Saturdays. It is forbidden to mow your lawn or cut your trees before 8am and from 6:30pm/19pm on Sundays and holidays.

It is also forbidden to leave the engine of your vehicle running in front of your door. See here the winter regulations

Animals and Good Neighbours

For pet owners, pets are often like family members.

Nevertheless, please respect public spaces and pick up after your dog. Even though it is a green space, it is not a dog toilet area… Often your neighbors’ children come to play. So think of them and avoid leaving their little (or big) needs lying around.

Educate your dog. Even if your neighbors’ gardens do not have a fence, it is a private space.

Similarly, if your neighbor’s cat invites itself into your home, avoid feeding it. Cats are independent animals. Imagine the disappointment of your neighbors and their children when their cat spends all day at your house because you feed it.

Cleanliness and respect for public and private spaces

Even if you are at home, it is unpleasant for your neighbors to walk past litter or objects lying around.

Remember to clean up in front of your home or clear out your clutter. Make the living environment pleasant for everyone.

Conflict with your neighbor?

If you have a conflict with your neighbor, consider talking to him first. Explaining things and communicating in a caring manner is often enough to prevent conflicts from escalating. It is not possible and you have already tried? A mediator can help you.