Calcul frais immobiliers

Would you like to rent, sell or buy a property in Luxembourg? Are you interested in real estate, but a little bit confused about finance and taxation?

You can enjoy now simple and innovative “personal finance” tools. They will help you to take your decision about real estate projects.

Either you are interested in renting, selling or purchasing a property in Luxembourg, you have finance and technology-related tools at your disposal. They are useful for anyone who wish to calculate and compare different solutions before making a decision!

Real estate loan simulator

You can also find on the website of ING Bank, a loan simulator that will allow you to calculate very simply from the monthly payments that you will have to pay each month depending on the total amount of your real estate acquisition project, your personal contribution and the type of credit subscribed in fixed or variable rate.

Calculation of registration fees or notary fees

What is abusively called notary fees includes various expenses that you will have to pay at the notary when signing the notary act.

This fee includes the fees due to the Administration of Registration and Domains that are collected by the Notary, the various expenses incurred to make the sale effective as cadastral fees, mortgage, … and finally the remuneration of the Notarial Cabinet. This remuneration is set by Grand Ducal Regulation.

To have an idea of ​​the notary fees that you will have to pay during the passage to the act, you can consult this site by indicating the amount of the transaction. Remember, however, that thanks to the “Belegen Akt” you can benefit from a tax credit on these registration fees, when you buy  your principal residence in Luxembourg.

Other real estate tools

To discover real estate tools and identify the most useful for you, go to, under the heading “Tools”. You will find several tools to calculate, for example, your monthly and acquisition expenses, if it is better to sell or rent your house and which property you can purchase based on your income.