Calcul frais immobiliers

Would you like to rent, sell or buy real properties in Luxembourg ? Are you interested in real estate but are a little bit confused concerning the financial part and the taxation ?

You can now enjoy simple and innovative “personal finance” tools, intended for private users engaging in real estate. These tools will help you to take your decision about real estate projects

Every individual interested in a rent, a sale or an acquisition of property in Luxembourg can take his decisions through new sharp and sophisticated tools, but easy to use.

That is a very practical innovation for anyone wishing to calculate and compare by himself the different available solutions before making a decision!

To discover these real estate and property tools and identify those that will be most useful for you, go to, under the heading “Tools”. You will find several tools to calculate, among other things, your monthly costs and acquisition expenses, if it is better to sell or rent your house, and which property you can afford to purchase based on your income.

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