Accommodation for students and trainees

University residence

Reserved housing for UNI students

The university residences offer accommodation reserved for students registered at the University of Luxembourg.

In order to benefit from this type of accommodation, students must be enrolled in a full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral program. Students registered for a semester at the University of Luxembourg as an exchange student or as a free mover can also apply for housing.

The Uni has more than thirty residences located throughout the country, close to university campuses. It provides more than 1,000 housing units for its students.

The accommodation is very varied. A student can benefit from a furnished room of 15 m2 with a shared or private kitchen and bathroom for a lower rate. A single student can also rent an independent studio of 24 m2, a couple can have an accommodation up to 35 m2.

The university residences have a cleaning service for the common areas. A vacuum cleaner is also available to students

Rates and conditions for university residences

The University of Luxembourg offers lease contracts of 5 to 7 months. Lease extension is possible in case of re-enrolment at the Uni. However, the maximum stay cannot exceed the duration of the studies.

Due to the shortage of university accommodation and the high demand (6,700 students at the University), the maximum rental period is limited to the normal duration of studies:

  • 36 months for a bachelor’s degree
  • 24 months for a master
  • 24 months rental for a PhD, even though the duration of study for a PhD student is 48 months.

The rates are very interesting and the accommodation is furnished. Prices range from 400€ to over 1.000€ per month. The rent includes the various charges, namely water, electricity, gas, heating and internet.

A deposit is required before moving in ,as with any rental accommodation. It corresponds to one month’s rent and must be paid by bank transfer. In addition, a security deposit must be paid. It is 350€ for the rooms and 500€ for the studios

It iscompulsory to take out a home insurance policy withan approved insurance company in Luxembourg. The University of Luxembourg offers comprehensive home insurance. The contract is for a period of one year, from September to September. It covers various risks such as fire, water damage, glass breakage or civil liability. Students can subscribe directly online, on the website.

The application for university housing can be made online, directly on the website of the University of Luxembourg. However, the application is not final until the student has paid the deposit. The allocation of housing is made on the basis of the applicant’s file by the Service des études et de la vie étudiante (SEVE).

Student and trainee accommodation

Student accommodation is dedicated to young people wishing to reside temporarily in Luxembourg, as part of a school or university course or a summer job.

Some student housing is reserved for interns of all nationalities.

Furnished and adapted to student life, these accommodations are relatively rare in Luxembourg and their price varies greatly from one residence to another.

Created in 2005, “Wunnraum Fir Stagiairen” is a reception and accommodation service for trainees of all nationalities. The Asbl has four residences and houses throughout Luxembourg, with 2 to 17 rooms. Each room is furnished and has internet access. Prices vary depending on the location but are much more interesting than a classic furnished rental, between 400 and 750 euros.

To take advantage of a room within the houses of the reception and housing service, the trainee must provide a file including:

  • a recent photo,
  • a CV,
  • a letter of motivation,
  • an identity document,
  • a copy of the internship contract,
  • a visa for nationals of countries outside the European Union.

More information on the website.

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