Accommodation for students and trainees

The university residence in Luxembourg

Who can benefit from a university residence?

The university residences offer accommodation reserved for students registered at the University of Luxembourg. In order to benefit from such accommodation, the student must be following a full-time bachelor, master or doctoral programme.

Students registered for a semester at the University of Luxembourg as part of an exchange or as a “free mover” can also apply for accommodation.

University residence terms and conditions

Types of housing and equipment

The University of Luxembourg offers more than 1,000 housing units in 37 residences. Different types of accommodation are offered:

  • Single room with shared kitchen and bathroom

The room, with an average size of 15m2, is fully furnished. It’s individual. However, the kitchen and bathroom are shared.

  • Single room with private bathroom and shared kitchen

Single rooms with an average surface area of 19m2 are also available. Each has its own bathroom. As for the kitchen, it’s common.

  • Furnished individual studio

The University of Luxembourg offers individual studios. Fully furnished, they have an average surface area of 24m2.

  • Furnished studio for couple

Couples can apply to be housed together. The studios are furnished and have an average surface area of 35m2.

Each accommodation is thus equipped with a bed, a desk and a chair, a wardrobe and a shelf.

Please note that the student residences benefit from a cleaning service for the common areas. There’s also a vacuum cleaner available for the students. 

Cost of student housing

Prices range from 365€ to more than 1.000€. They include the various charges, namely water, electricity, gas, heating and internet.

Look out! A deposit is required before moving in. This corresponds to one month’s rent and must be paid by bank transfer. In addition, a security deposit must be paid. It is 350€ for the rooms and 500€ for the studios.

Student lease at the University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg offers lease contracts from 5 to 7 months.

Lease extensions are possible if certain conditions are met, such as re-enrolment, home insurance or compliance with residence rules by the student. However, the maximum stay may not exceed the duration of the studies. However, during the examination period, the tenant may request an extension in writing.

Student Housing Insurance

Students are no exception to the rule. As with any accommodation, they are therefore obliged to take out an insurance policy. They have the possibility to conclude a contract with the insurance company of their choice, provided that it is licensed in Luxembourg.

The University of Luxembourg also offers multi-risk home insurance. It is subscribed for a period of one year, from September to September. It covers various risks such as fire, water damage, glass breakage and personal liability. Students can subscribe directly online, on the website.

Application for University Housing

The application for university accommodation can be made online, directly on the University of Luxembourg website. However, the application is only final after the student has paid the deposit.

The allocation of housing is made on the basis of the applicant’s file by the Service des études et de la vie étudiante (SEVE).

Look out! At the time of application, the student is not able to choose the residence.

Accommodation for trainees

Wunnraum Fir Stagiairen

Created in 2005, “Wunnraum Fir Stagiairen” is a reception and accommodation service for trainees of all nationalities. The Asbl thus has four residences and houses throughout Luxembourg, comprising from 2 to 17 rooms.

Each room is furnished with a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair. All of them also have internet access.

Cost of accommodation for trainees

Renting a room costs between 400 and 750€ per month. The price varies according to the location.

Who is eligible for a room?

The reception and accommodation service is exclusively for trainees, regardless of their nationality.

In order to be eligible for a room, it is therefore necessary to provide a copy of an internship contract.


In order to benefit from a room in the houses of the reception and accommodation service, the trainee must provide several documents justifying his situation:

  • A recent photo,
  • A resume,
  • A cover letter,
  • A copy of an identity card or passport,
  • A copy of the internship contract,
  • For citizens of countries outside the European Union, a visa is required.
  • The completed application form must also be attached to the file.

Other types of accommodation

Room in a private home

Some landlords offer rooms within their accommodation. They are usually furnished.

Although prices are generally attractive, it is advisable to find out in advance about possible constraints.

Real estate agencies, classified ads in newspapers, word-of-mouth, … can help you to find this type of accommodation.

Shared room

In Luxembourg City, flat-sharing is a very popular form of accommodation for young employees and young trainees. Conversely, traditional landlords are not always willing to rent for a roommate. More and more specialised sites are offering room-sharing.

According to, the average budget to find a room is more than 700€. In Luxembourg City, a budget of €800 is more appropriate.

Several sites group together offers of room-sharing, such as or Ads are also posted daily on Facebook, in groups such as Colocation Luxembourg or Colocation Luxembourg / WG Lëtzebuerg.

Intergenerational sharing

Intergenerational co-housing is a new type of housing, with a social aspect. In Luxembourg, it came into being in March 2015 through Cohabit’âge. The concept is simple: to develop mutual aid between the elderly and the young.

Thus, the youngest – between 18 and 40 years of age – commit to helping their elders in exchange for a lower cost rent, or even free for the most invested.

Three formulas are proposed in order to best adapt to the needs and requirements of each person.

  • The solidarity formula

The young person undertakes to provide a reassuring and caring presence a few evenings a week and a few weekends a month. In exchange, the senior citizen provides a furnished room entirely free of charge.

  • The user-friendly formula

Less engaging than the previous formula, the user-friendly formula requires regular attendance in exchange for a monthly contribution to expenses.

  • The friendly formula

The friendly formula requires only the creation of bonds, conviviality and respect for the senior’s peace of mind. In exchange, the young person is housed in exchange for an attractive monthly financial compensation.

Classic rental

For accommodation, the so-called “classic” rental also remains a practical option. Less restrictive than a roommate or a room in a private home, it allows you to feel “at home”.

In Luxembourg, however, monthly rents can rise quickly. In 2017, it is necessary to count on an average budget of 1.378€ to rent an apartment.

All-inclusive rental

In Luxembourg, “all-inclusive” offers have been developed: fully furnished rooms in converted houses. Some agencies – such as Altea Immobilière with – have made it their business.

These “all-inclusive” rentals are a particularly simple but sometimes expensive solution.

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