Finding an accommodation, living in Luxembourg

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Luxembourg

Economic dynamism and quality of life

Luxembourg is attracting more and more expatriates. Its population is constantly growing, fed by the influx of foreigners. Its economic dynamism, stability and security index make it an attractive destination for job seek ers. The unemployment rate is low and salaries are attractive. Half of the working population is made up of cross-border workers.

Living in Luxembourg allows you to benefit from a pleasant environment and an interesting quality of life, whether in the city or in the country. Nevertheless, Luxembourg is confronted with the increase of its resident population and the growth of its cross-border workers.

In order to accommodate a multicultural population, the school system is oriented towards the international. Whether it is a public or private school, whether it is a Luxembourg or international school, there is a place for everyone, regardless of their nationality and the school system they come from.

The health care system is efficient and accessible to all. Social and family assistance is important to ensure that everyone can meet their needs despite the high cost of living.

Traffic jams and high property prices

Luxembourg is now a “victim” of its own success. Its attractiveness in terms of employment generates numerous traffic jams. Border residents spend hours in transport, waiting in miles of traffic during rush hour. Living locally reduces the inconvenience of transportation . Many efforts have been made by the government in this area to improve the situation. Luxembourg is the first country in the world to offer free public transport .

Real estate prices continue to rise. Without sufficient personal contribution, housing quickly becomes unaffordable. Rents are constantly increasing. Demand far outstrips supply, despite development projects throughout the country. New neighborhoods continue to emerge, but not enough. Investors continue to pull the market up, especially in a low interest rate environment.

Living in Luxembourg requires first of all to be well informed about the real estate market and the prices of housing. Should you buy, should you rent? Who to contact? How and where to find the property of your dreams? How to prepare your real estate visits to avoid being destabilized? What do I need to know before signing a lease?

We tell you everything in this section dedicated to questions related to housing and settling in Luxembourg.

Guide to construction and renovation in Luxembourg

If you want to build your own house or apartment, or even do some work on it, the Fédération des Artisans luxembourgeois publishes every year the guide of construction and renovation.You will find the list of Luxembourg craftsmen classified by trade. This guide is very useful if you need to do some work on your home, house or apartment.

You can also consult it on the website

Just Arrived Guide for living and working in Luxembourg 2023-2024


To help you settle and integrate in Luxembourg, as a resident or a cross-border commuter, download our practical Just Arrived guides on Luxembourg.

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