Working in Luxembourg

5 good reasons to work in Luxembourg

Many expatriates choose to leave their country to work in Luxembourg. They settle here with their families for a specific period of time, and ultimately never want to leave the Grand Duchy.
Every day, many cross-border commuters travel miles and hours to reach their workplace in Luxembourg. Why do they choose to work in the Grand Duchy rather than in their home country?

Here are 5 good reasons to work in Luxembourg.

1- A very active job market

First of all, you should know that Luxembourg has a very dynamic labor market. Luxembourg’s economy is flourishing. The unemployment rate is very low. Click here for an overview of the Luxembourg labor market.

Many sectors of activity are recruiting, in fields as varied as industry, service, catering, trade, etc. Which sectors are recruiting? Which jobs are the most promising? We give you the latest trends in employment.

Job opportunities are plentiful. You can choose between Luxembourg or European institutions, large multinationals, local companies and a multitude of start-ups. Luxembourg wants to be a start-up nation. And the country is giving itself the means to do so! Find here the biggest employers in Luxembourg.

2 – Career development prospects

There are real prospects for career development in Luxembourg. Whether in your own company or in another, you can grow.

Many companies have established their headquarters in Luxembourg. There are many career opportunities, both internally and externally.

Luxembourg has an efficient financial sector, leader in fund management. The country is also developing all the technologies of the future and investing in innovation. In other words, you can not only develop your career, but also your skills.

3 – High compensation levels

Remuneration levels are higher in Luxembourg than in neighboring countries. The gross minimum wage exceeds that of neighboring countries. The median wage is higher. So even if you work more hours per week, you earn more. We tell you what level of compensation you can expect .

Some companies offer benefits in kind in addition to salary, depending on the field of activity or job. Find here the negotiable benefits in kind.

4 – An efficient pension system

When you talk about salaries, you talk about pension contributions. The Luxembourg pension system is a pay-as-you-go system. It is now balanced and the pension outlook is still good for all future retirees. And given Luxembourg’s pragmatism, we have complete confidence in the public authorities to rebalance the system if necessary!

How are old-age pensions managed when a career is divided between several countries, including Luxembourg? You will find all the information about the old age pension in Luxembourg.

5 – Fair labour regulations

The labor laws in Luxembourg are designed to preserve social peace. We explain the specificities of the labor laws in Luxembourg.

Your complete guide to working in Luxembourg

Looking for a job in Luxembourg? What do I need to know? How can I find a job there quickly?

Whatever your situation, whether you are an expatriate spouse, a cross-border commuter or still abroad, we will answer all your questions about working in Luxembourg.

How to find a job in Luxembourg?

So, what can you do to put all the chances on your side and find a job quickly? By browsing through our job section, you will know how to actively search and find a job in Luxembourg.

What are the means at your disposal for an effective job search? How to get your foreign diplomas recognized and your professional experience valued? We tell you everything you need to know to pursue further education and work on your employability.

By browsing through our pages, you will know what to expect if you are working in Luxembourg or looking for a job there.

Do you want to be self-employed and start your own business? We give you all the information you need to integrate into the Luxembourg job market and to flourish.

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You will find all the information and procedures necessary for a serene expatriation, an easy installation of all your family in your new host country and a simplified integration in your new environment.