The International Bazaar: a celebration of the cultural diversity of Luxembourg

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The 25 and 26 November 2017, Luxembourg is hosting one of the most important cultural events of the year: the International Bazaar. With more than 70 volunteer stands representing the communities present in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The goal? Sell typical products made in Luxembourg to raise funds to finance social and humanitarian projects.

The next “Bazar International” will take place Saturday 8 December and Sunday 9 December 2018 at Luxexpo The Box.

History of the International Bazaar in Luxembourg

Following a big political change about welcoming foreigners in Luxembourg, the number of foreign residents has not stopped growing since 1960. Small fairs organised by the Church have become a significant event: the International Bazaar, whose purpose has always been to raise funds for charity.

Over the years the creative energy of this event has generated a real sense of multiculturalism: more and more volunteers and residents of all nationalities take part in this event making the Bazar an occasion where cultural diversity has not stopped growing over the years.

After starting with 8 stands from different nationalities in 1963, the International Bazaar now brings together over 50 nationalities with the aim of sharing their culture, local specialties and crafts.

Assets of the International Bazaar

According to the organisers the Bazar “provides the opportunity to discover new cultures without leaving Luxembourg”. During your visit, you will see many colours, listen to music and taste different specialties.

This is how our Italian JAA Club ambassador Sara Coggiola sees Luxembourg: “enriched by the mix of local culture with that of the foreigners living in the country. It is a country where everyone benefits from the cultural richness of others”.

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