Guichet: administrative reception of the Luxembourg State : Administrative internet portal of the Luxembourg State

The website will simplify your interaction with the Luxembourgish State and administration.

It offers:

  • an easy and transparent access to the information and online services offered by the State,
  • a description of the most important administrative procedures,
  • the possibility to download forms,
  • the possibility to carry out administrative procedures online via the secure eSpace on MyGuichet.

2 access according to your profile:

  • A Citizen Portal in 3 languages: French, German, English for private individuals
  • A corporate portal in 3 languages: French, German, English for the administrative procedures of companies in Luxembourg

The Business Portal addresses all the stages in life of a business in Luxembourg, from starting up to daily management, from takeovers to the development of the business.

A clear and precise structure helps you find comprehensive answers to all the questions you may have. The Business Portal is also a virtual single point of contact wich offers the possibility to complete administrative procedures and formalities online.

De Guichet, helpdesk of State of Luxembourg for administrative procedures

The Luxemburgish State has set up a guidance/counselling office in order to help citizens with their administrative procedures.

You can go to this service without an appointment or call the helpdesk (free) in 4 languages (French, German, English, Luxembourgish).

Mon.-Fri., 8 am-5 pm

Categorie(s):   Administration

  • 11, r. Notre-Dame
    2240 Luxembourg- Centre

  • +352 24 78 20 00