: administrative reception of the Luxembourg State

Web portal of reference for all administrative questions is the website that simplifies your exchanges with the Luxembourg government. Accessible in 3 languages, French, German and English, it answers all the administrative questions of individuals, professionals and companies.

The access is simple and offers in all transparency all the information on the administrative subjects in Luxembourg and the services offered by the Luxembourg State.

It includes

  • the latest administrative news in Luxembourg,
  • the description of the administrative procedures in Luxembourg
  • online forms to complete many administrative procedures.

2 accesses according to your profile:

They will find answers to all their questions in the fields of taxation, employment, family, education, citizenship, transport, housing, health and social services, leisure and immigration in Luxembourg.

It covers all the subjects concerning the life of your company in Luxembourg, from the creation to the daily management, through the takeover or the development of entrepreneurial activities.
You will find all the answers to your questions on the creation and development of a company in Luxembourg, town planning and the environment, financing and aid to companies, health / safety / social security, human resources, taxation related to companies, trade, legal management and accounting, international markets, safeguarding and cessation of activity, other specific procedures,…

Secure Myguichet space for online administrative procedures

Thesecure MyGuichet space allows you to consult your personal data listed by the Administration and download official documents.

Thanks to the download of administrative forms, you can carry out your administrative procedures online thanks to a personal and secure access to the digital services of the Luxembourg government.

De Guichet, helpdesk service of the Luxembourg government

The Luxembourg government has also set up a reception and information service called Helpdesk to help citizens with their administrative procedures.

Located in Luxembourg-Centre, you can visit this service without an appointment or call the helpdesk direct line (free of charge) in 4 languages (French, German, English, Luxembourgish).

Reception from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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  • 11, r. Notre-Dame
    2240 Luxembourg- Centre


  • +352 24 78 20 00