School reception for newcomers to Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, nearly 48% of the population is not luxembourgish. Every year, newcomers immigrate to Luxembourg. Some of them join the international schools present in the Grand Duchy, while others choose to integrate the Luxembourg school system. This choice is fundamental for the Luxembourg authorities as it promotes the integration of newcomers into society and, above all, preserves the social balance of the country.

Several administrative structures have been set up to welcome and guide newcomer students to Luxembourg.

SECAM foreign students schooling service

Dependent on the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth, this service aims to inform newcomers to Luxembourg about the Luxembourg school system, support systems, enrollment in schools and provide, if necessary, intercultural mediation. The mediators assist parents and foreign students in their efforts towards teaching. More information on the Department’s website.

CASNA School Reception Unit for Newcomer Students Over 12

The CASNA or school reception unit for newcomer students in Luxembourg helps foreign students aged between 12 and 17 to orient themselves and integrate into the Luxembourg school system. The goal is to allow them to fit into a class corresponding to their profile:

  • classic secondary system for pupils who master French and German, and english depending on the level of education,
  • reception or insertion classes with French learning or international secondary system in English or French proposed in the Luxembourgish high schools for others.

More information on CASNA on the website.

The office of CASNA is located in the House of Orientation in Luxembourg in the district of Luxembourg-Belair.

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