CAE – Fund for the future of Children

The Caisse pour l’Avenir des Enfants in Luxembourg or d’Zukunftskeess is in charge of giving every child in Luxembourg same opportunities for their future. The CAE pays the family allowances, as well as the allowances within the framework of a parental leave and pays the complements as part of the CSA – Chèque Service Accueil.

The CAE is the competent body to contact for any request concerning family allowances:

  • Birth benefits (prenatal, birth and postnatal benefits) – see our section about declaring a birth
  • Family allowances or allowance for children’s future
  • Back-to-school allowance
  • Special additional allowance for disabled children.

You will find on the website of the CAE Zukunftskeess in Luxembourg all requirements and application forms for family allowances. More information here on family subsidies.

CAE now offers a subscription-based e-delivery service that allows you to receive some documents and letters electronically, suc as letters concerning birth bonuses, family allowances including statements and related information, as well as documents relating to parental leave. 

D’Zukunftskeess is also in charge of the chèque-service-accueil, a childcare service voucher.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 7:45 am-3: 30 pm

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