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Automobile Club Luxembourg / ACL : a committed mobility actor

Today, the ACL is an association and community of 180,000 members committed to mobility in the broadest sense, to guarantee and promote access to mobility, its quality, safety and the free choice of means of transport. The mission of the ACL is to offer 24/7 assistance and privileged & neutral advice through comprehensive services to ensure mobility. 

Whether it is advice, assistance or solutions in terms of conventional and electric mobility – private or company vehicles, but also in terms of soft and urban mobility or shared mobility, the ACL supports the development of sustainable car mobility and multimodal concepts.

In order to offer the best possible assistance to Newcomers/New arrivals to Luxembourg, and in addition to its traditional 24/7 roadside assistance, the ACL has a helpdesk dedicated to newcomers.

ACL is part of a network of institutional cooperation in Luxembourg and a network of international partners: member of the FIA; partner of ARC Europe, the largest provider of roadside assistance services in Europe with a network in more than 40 European countries; and partner of European and global automobile clubs as well.

Service for newcomers: “ACL WELCOME – helpdesk for newcomers “

In order to offer the best possible assistance to “newcomers”, and in addition to its traditional 24/7 roadside assistance, the ACL has a helpdesk dedicated to newcomers and offering the following services:

Support for mobility:

  •  Registration of your car in Luxembourg
  • Technical advice and inspections (e. g. when purchasing/selling a 2nd-hand car)
  • Traffic and construction site information
  • Legal information on all mobility issues
  • 24/7 home assistance (locksmith, plumber, heating engineer, electrician)
  • Rental of vehicles at reduced rates for members in Luxembourg and throughout the world
  • Issuance of international driving licences, motorway stickers (vignettes), etc.

Assistance and travel insurance:

  •  Travel health insurance worldwide on special terms for members and their families (daily and annual rates)
  • Baggage and cancellation insurances
  • Travel planning advice and tourist information (free maps for members)
  • International stickers and badges for tolls and environmental compliance, rescue sheets
  • Exclusive one-day trips to (re-)discover Luxembourg and its surroundings
  • Exclusive trips to destinations around the world

Discounts and benefits for members:

  •  ACL Shop with travel and driving accessories
  • Partnership offers to save money in Luxembourg and around the world: hotels, parking at airports, leisure parks, car rentals, mobility services, etc.
  • Pet services: Discounts and offers from our partners (e. g. animal houses, walking services, etc.), information about travelling with animals, information about emergency services, etc.
  • Moving services: The ACL has teamed up with relocation specialists to offer tailor-made solutions for newcomers/expatriates: finding accommodation, choosing a school, a childcare facility, connecting to community services, etc.

Our partners are happy to help newcomers/expatriates by offering them a relocation package tailored to their needs at special rates as an ACL member.

For further information, please contact us: / or +352 450045-1

Find out more about the administrative formalities required for vehicles in Luxembourg and the driving rules.

Second-hand market for child car seats and booster seats

Do you need an almost new baby car seat or a booster seat for your child in your car? The Automobile Club de Luxembourg regularly organises a sale of second-hand child car seats and specially adapted restraint systems.

Held at the Belle Etoile or on the premises of the Automobile Club de Luxembourg depending on the year, this second-hand market is an opportunity to buy safe equipment at reduced prices. The ACL takes great care to ensure that the baby seats and booster seats on offer are clean, in good condition and, above all, meet the safety standards in force.

Several hundred seats of different categories are offered at net prices. The Automobile Club acts as an intermediary for the sale free of charge and does not take any commission on sales. In addition, only cash payments are accepted.

In addition, parents can obtain further information on the various road safety systems and standards from ACL staff.

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