Shopping near Luxembourg

Luxembourg is located close to the Belgian, German and French borders. It is an ideal place to live in order to take advantage of the commercial offer of the border countries and to do shopping without having to travel far.
Just Arrived shares with you its best shopping addresses in the Greater Region, near Luxembourg.

Where to shop in the Greater Region?

Commissioned by the Luxembourg government, the Nielsen Institute compared the prices of 110,000 everyday consumer products sold in 22 stores in the Greater Region in 2020.

Price index compared with Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium

Overall, prices are lowest in Germany. Slightly down on the previous study, the price index stands at 93.2 out of an average of 100 for all 4 countries.

France comes in second with an index of 94, 1 compared to 94.7 in 2017.

Luxembourg is in 3rd position with an index of 99.9.

Belgium comes in last with an index of 104.6 (+0.3 compared to 2017).

Which products to buy in which country?

Where to shop, depending on the products you want to buy?

Firstly, buyers will have a wider choice of products in France. In fact, France offers 4 times more products than its neighboring countries Belgium and Luxembourg.

In addition, fresh produce, food and groceries appear to be less expensive in France (9.8% less expensive). It is also in France that it is best to buy organic products. In this area, Luxembourg appears to be at the bottom of the pack.

Luxembourg is the most interesting place to buy tobacco, cigarettes and drinks. The VAT rate is lower in Luxembourg than in its neighboring countries. Luxembourg. For a long time, fuel was also much cheaper in Luxembourg. This is no longer true today because of the war in Ukraine and the aid applied by neighboring governments.

You will have to go to Germany to buy your drugstore and cleaning products, perfumery, non-food products and hygiene products, especially for babies.

With the exception of tobacco, prices in Belgium appear to be more expensive for the entire basket studied.

Shopping areas in the Greater Region

In Belgium, there are 3 major commercial zones

If you want to go shopping in Belgium, we recommend the shopping areas close to the Luxembourg border.

Designer Outlet Luxembourg in Messancy

Designer Outlet Luxembourg is a mini shopping village. More than 60 boutiques sell brand name items at factory prices. Indulge yourself by buying at discounted prices in an open and beautifully designed space.

You will find many new and discounted items. This is a good plan if you like to make good deals.

Moreover, this outlet is nice, pleasant to visit. It is located right across from the Cora shopping malls. You will also find several fashion, decoration and electronics stores, as well as a supermarket. A restaurant and a refreshment bar are located inside the center, for more conviviality.

Hydrion shopping area in Arlon

Just a stone’s throw from the A6 freeway in Belgium, the Hydrion Shopping Area is a large open-air shopping area. It brings together more than 40 major brands.

You will also find some stores that Luxembourg can not or no longer enjoy, such as Leen Bakker, In Vogue or Brantano specializing in shoes of various brands. Ideal to fit the whole family!

Sterpenich commercial zone in Messancy

The large shopping area is located just across the Belgian/Luxembourg border on the highway. Known for its figurehead, the Ikea store, the area now offers sports stores for your sporting activities, furniture, lighting, bedding, decoration. The place is ideal for thedesign and equipment of your new home.

In Germany, Trier and Saarbrücken are commercial cities

In Germany, we recommend two shopping destinations relatively close to Luxembourg.

It is important to know that prices in Germany are often lower than in Luxembourg. This is particularly true for hygiene products, such as laundry detergent, and beauty products.

Trier and its many stores

In Trier, you can enjoy a very commercial city center. Many pedestrian streets are lined with numerous stores. There are also large shopping malls.

You will find many discount decoration stores, as well as many shoe stores.

Trier offers shopping in a very pleasant historical architectural setting, near the Porta Nigra.

Trier is also a nice destination to enjoy the Advent markets.

Saarbrücken, a must-see shopping destination

Just like Trier, Saarbrücken has many stores. The lively downtown area allows you to go window-shopping while enjoying the atmosphere and beauty of the place. Many monuments are worth seeing!

For lovers of “British” fashion and bargains, the very famous Primark chain is located there. Foodies will also be delighted to find a large Starbucks where they can relax after a day of shopping.

Thanks to their important tourist traffic, these two cities have the advantage of being clean, well equipped (many bars, terraces and restaurants) and equipped with large parking lots.

In France, Metz, Marques Avenue and Longwy

Neighboring Luxembourg, France also offers interesting shopping areas. To get there, take the highway to France and follow the

Linkling zones in Terville (Thionville)

The Linkling areas consist mainly of three commercial zones.

Many stores are located there, as well as major brands of home furnishings: kitchen, bathrooms, …

You can also do your shopping at Supergreen, the Geric shopping center (Carrefour) or the Leclerc shopping center. These commercial areas are all equipped with free parking.

Outlet Marques Avenue at Talange

On the highway to Metz, and halfway from Luxembourg, there are several factory outlets including Outlet Marques Avenue in Talange.

This large shopping area is a good place to shop for brand names at discounted prices. Discounts from -30 to -70% are applied.

Metz, a commercial city

Metz is located 50 kilometers from Luxembourg by freeway. The city of Metz is made up of many pedestrian and shopping streets.

The city offers a clever mix of fashion, gastronomy, handicraft and decoration stores. Among the most frequented streets, the rue Serpenoise and the rue des Clercs are full of big names. Taison Street and Garden Street, more confidential, offer boutiques with more chic and original items.

Metz is a very beautiful city to visit. Don’t miss the cathedral, the Metz train station, the Pompidou Center…

The Muse shopping center in Metz

Located near the Pompidou Center in Metz, the Muse shopping center opened in November 2017. You will find many fashion, beauty, decoration, home, leisure and culture shops… The center has many stores.

There are also many food outlets where you can take a break and enjoy a delicious meal.

Please note: although the center has parking spaces, they are not permanently accessible and must be paid for!

The Waves shopping center in Moulins-lès-Metz

Close to the ZAC of Augny, the Waves shopping center includes about sixty well-known stores.

With its contemporary architecture, Waves offers more than just a shopping area. It has spaces for relaxation and restoration. The center also offers playgrounds. Visitors can also regularly admire the water jet shows.

To get there, you can take a shuttle bus (84a) from Metz or drive from the A31 freeway to Nancy. The shopping center has free parking.

Auchan shopping mall near Longwy

Finally, just a stone’s throw from the Grand Duchy and Belgium, are the galleries of theAuchanHypermarket, in Mont-Saint Martin, near Longwy .

The commercial area in the vicinity is also worth a look. There are large chain stores.

However, the space is still smaller and less equipped than our previous references. However, you can find low prices.

Discounts are frequently offered before the sales or during the mid-season period. The place is interesting to visit to make good deals, but also to avoid the crowd of the big cities more strongly attended.

You want to go shopping in Luxembourg?

Choose the Upper Town district for luxury boutiques.

The station area or the shopping malls are ideal for international brands.