Luxembourg, right next to the Belgian, German and Franch borders is an ideal place to benefit from the shopping possibilities in the neighbouring countries without having to travel too far.
For your shopping plans, Just Arrived has gathered together the best addresses for shopping abroad.

Shopping in Belgium, 3 shopping centers

If you like to do your shopping in Belgium, Just Arrived recommends two shopping centres just over the border: Outlet McArthurGlen in Messancy and Espace Shopping Hydrion in Arlon.

Outlet McArthur Glen in Messancy

Outlet McArthurGlen in Messancy is a mini shopping village with over 60 shops selling brands at factory prices. Lots of brands with bargain prices in a nicely laid out shopping area.

Espace shopping Hydrion in biggest open space

hydrion shopping center BelgiqueShopping in Belgium welcomes you on 33,000 M² of shopping for the family. Espace Shopping Hydrion, is a large open air shopping complex with over 40 big names. It offers a wide choice for men, women, children and for the home. Furthermore in june both have a big sale and the prices are even more interesting!

Shopping zone Sterpenich in Messancy

Just across the Belgian/Luxembourg border on the motorway, there is a commercial area with sports shops for your sports equipment and activities, and shops for furniture, lighting, bedding, decoration for the layout and equipment of your new home.

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Shopping in Germany

In Germany we recommend two shopping towns which are quite close to Luxembourg : Trier and Sarrebrûck.

Shopping in Trier

The first town for shopping is Trier, where you will find a town centre with lots of shops and shopping centres. The old architecture and beautiful setting makes it a nice place to shop. There are also a number of low priced decoration shops and a lot of shoe shops.

Enjoy shopping in Trier to visit Porta Nigra.

City of Saarbrück, the second most important shopping destination

The second shopping destination close to Luxembourg is Sarrebruck. Like Trier, Sarrebruck has a lot of shops and has a lively town centre allowing you to window shop whilst enjoying the beauty and feel of the town. Many monuments are worth a visit!

Furthermore, if you are a fan of British fashion and looking for a good deal Primark has a shop here. You will also be delighted to find a Starbucks where you can take a break from a busy day of shopping.

As these towns are popular with tourists they are both clean, have everything you need (bars, terraces, and restaurants) with big car parks.

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Shopping in France: Metz commercial city and shopping areas

Luxembourg’s neighbour, France also has some interesting shopping propositions.

Shopping in Metz

The city of Metz is located 65 km from Luxembourg. With its many pedestrian and commercial, the town offers an interesting mix of fashion, food, crafts and decoration shops. Among the most frequented are  Rue Serpenoise Street and Rue des Clercs, which are full of major brands. Rue Taison and rue des Jardins are occupied by shops with more chic and original items.

Metz is a very beautiful city to visit absolutely. Don’t miss the cathedral, Metz station, the Centre Pompidou… See more activities to do in Lorraine.

The Muse shopping centre in Metz

Located near the Centre Pompidou, the Muse shopping centre opened its doors in November 2017. Fashion, beauty, decoration, home, leisure and culture… This shopping centre includes many brands from all sectors, such as Celio, Micromania, Hema, Superdry, but also Primark and Uniqlo.
Many restaurants also offer gourmet breaks.
Please note: although the commercial centre has parking spaces, they are not free of charge and are not permanently accessible!

Le Waves in Moulins-lès-Metz

Close to the Augny ZAC, the Waves shopping centre has around sixty shops, covering an area of nearly 61,000m². Among them, many shops and brands for house equipment, clothes, decoration, …
With its contemporary architecture, the Waves is more than just a commercial area. It thus has relaxation and catering areas, as well as playgrounds. In its centre are a fountain and a stage. Water jet shows are regularly offered to visitors.
To access it, it is possible to take a shuttle bus (84a) from Metz or to get there by car. The shopping centre has free parking.

The Linkling areas in Terville (Thionville)

Closer to Luxembourg, the Linkling areas in Thionville consist mainly in three commercial areas. Many shops are located there. You can shop at the Supergreen, the Geric shopping centre (Carrefour) or the Leclerc shopping centre. These commercial areas are all equipped with free parking.

Outlet Marques Avenue in Talange

A bit closer to Luxembourg, on the motorway to Metz, is the big shopping centre Outlet Marques Avenue in Talange, a good place for shopping at discounted prices. Many famous brands are on offer with reductions from -30 to -70%.

Shopping Center in Longwy

Finally right next to the Grand Duchy, is the Auchan Hypermarket and shopping centre in Mont-Saint Martin, and the shopping area around is also worth a visit. There you can find the big chain stores for clothes, shoes, … Even if somewhat smaller than the others we have mentioned it is interesting as they often have discounted prices and special offers before the sales or mid season which makes it a great place to go to for a good deal and to avoid the crowds in busy town centres.

Shopping in Luxembourg: downtown, Gare district, shopping centers