Practical information

Useful information about the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Are you moving to Luxembourg or planning to move there soon? You are already settled for a long time, but are looking for additional information about the country? In this section you will find all the practical information you need to know when you arrive in Luxembourg or when you have been living here for many years.

In this section you will find all the essential points of reference you need about Luxembourg. You will thus be able to better project yourself and once there better orient yourself: multicultural population, continental climate, geography, ….

First, find out how theLuxembourg’s history has shaped the country and its culture. What are the Luxembourg specialties, festivals and traditions?

The political system provides the framework for the daily life of residents. What religions are practiced in Luxembourg and how can they be practiced?

In a more practical way, how and where to do your shopping? Where to go for practical information about your city?

How do you stay in touch with your family and friends when you are far from your home country? Who to contact in case of emergency? What media should you consult to stay informed? So many questions that we have to ask ourselves. You can find all the answers here.

You’ll also find useful information about setting up and maintaining your home, such as waste collection and recycling.

To facilitate your integration, find in this section the Luxembourgish expressions to know and a guide of Luxembourgish. Mastering these expressions and a few words will facilitate your first contact with Luxembourgish people. Even if the discussion continues in French, German or English, you will immediately be better received in your various steps.

We also list below the essential websites and mobile applications to facilitate your integration and your daily life in Luxembourg.

Guide just arrived 2021


To help you settle and integrate in Luxembourg, as a resident or border worker, download our practical Just Arrived guides on Luxembourg.

You will find all the information and procedures necessary for a smooth expatriation, an easy installation of your whole family in your new host country and a simplified integration in your new environment.