Settling and living in Luxembourg

Practical information about moving to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Are you planning to move to Luxembourg? Whether you’re moving in alone, as a couple or as a family with children, Just Arrived is a mine of useful information and pointers to help you settle in and live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our advice and practical information will help you make the most of your daily life in Luxembourg.

Guide to finding your feet quickly in Luxembourg

Integrating is not always easy when you arrive in a new country. As an expatriate or expatriate’s spouse, the challenge is to quickly find your feet. Creating new points of reference will help you tackle your new daily life in the best possible conditions.

Just Arrived is an information website and guide created by expatriates. Drawing on our own experience of expatriation to Luxembourg, we’ll give you some useful pointers and tips to help you settle into your new country as smoothly as possible.

You have already settled in Luxembourg and are looking for additional information on the country? In our pages you’ll find all the practical information you need about Luxembourg, whether you’re a newcomer or already settled here.

First glimpse of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a multicultural country. It welcomes many nationalities. Almost half its population is now foreign. More and more residents are taking Luxembourg nationality. Indeed, the laws ofacquisition of nationality have been relaxed in recent years.

As a result of this multiculturalism, or despite its intercultural character, Luxembourg is a surprising and sometimes confusing country . In fact, Luxembourg culture is still very much alive and well, and Luxembourg is committed to preserving it. To make settling in and integrating easier, it’s important to know the codes and respect them .

The quality of life is preserved, unlike many metropolises. But beyond a first impression of a rich country, we note that the gaps are widening to the detriment of a less affluent population.

The rising cost of housing is creating new difficulties, especially for households without high salaries. The subject of poverty is increasingly addressed by politicians in order not to leave a part of the population suffering.

Just Arrived Guide for living and working in Luxembourg 2023-2024


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