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“Make easier installation and integration in Luxembourg thanks to Just Arrived”

Laurent Ollier, owner and CEO Just Arrived SARL



Just Arrived SàRL, integration specialist in Luxembourg

Just Arrived was created by two French expatriates in Luxembourg. Wishing to share their good plans with other foreign communities present in the Grand Duchy, they published the “Practical Guide for the New Just Arrived Resident” for the first time in 2005.
Just Arrived SàRL, which has been taken over by other expatriates since their departure from Luxembourg, continues this mission of sharing information in order to facilitate the integration of newcomers to the Grand Duchy. The Just Arrived® Guide is regularly updated and published every 2 years in 15,000 copies, which is provided free of charge to newcomers to Luxembourg through our partners.

In 2014, a Just Arrived® website will be launched to complete the package in order to offer a wider dissemination of practical information on settling and living in Luxembourg. To date, and after a redesign of the site in 2018, nearly 100,000 unique visitors per month regularly visit our pages.
Already settled in Luxembourg or in the process of being so, our visitors will find all the practical information they need to move abroad, live, work and integrate into the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. They can also download the paper guide in PDF format.

At the initiative of Laurent Ollier, who acquired the company in 2015, the JAA Club®, the JAA Club®, Just Arrived Ambassadors’ Club, was created in 2016 to further improve the integration of foreigners by strengthening ties between the various communities living in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Today, JUST ARRIVED® is unanimously recognized as the integration specialist in Luxembourg.

And we hope that the adventure will continue for a long time… So if you enjoy our publications and/or our Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter pages, feel free to share them with other expatriates or border residents (present or future) in Luxembourg.

Our partners

Just Arrived SàRL is a 100% private company. You wish to be a partner and/or communicate on the guide or the Just Arrived website? Contact us: