MyAXA an innovative APP which keeps you just a click away from the “Happy End”

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An innovative App, which will appeal to tech fans in a couple of clicks

Who doesn’t dream of technological improvements in the digital and mobile phone sectors which would create App’s that would make it easier to manage our daily admin tasks as insurance and get rid of all the paperwork in a few simple clicks?

MyAxa, one click away from a “Happy End”

That is the promise the AXA insurance company made to its customers when they launched their new phone App MyAxa on the 28th of May. This App connects their clients to all the company’s services, thus offering them “ to be a click away from a Happy End”.

Most other insurance companies do offer the possibility of using your smartphone for some of their products, however the new App MyAxa has managed to group together in one App the most complete service offering, it is interactive and easy to use. You can monitor your insurance contracts, your insurance claims, medical reimbursements, call the help desk or simply make an appointment with your insurance agent, all from your mobile phone or tablet 24 hours a day. A free App for everyone  AXA client.

MyAxa an immediate success with insurance customers who are connected

We went to the Nepper-Weyland insurance Agency on Avenue Pasteur in to discover MyAxa, a phone App which appears to be what the “Tesla” is to the car industry, an innovative and powerful product which is well designed.

“We were astonished at just how quickly our customers started to use the App” explained Carla Weyland who added “in just a couple of weeks two thirds of our clients have already downloaded MyAxa and are using it regularly!” For these customers, mainly professionals and very connected,  MyAxa has quickly become indispensible.

MyAxa the Swiss army knife of insurance Apps?

nullThis evolutionary App allows you to directly manage all your insurance contracts be they car, home, lhealth, retirement savings or pension funds. All MyAxa users can for example follow the reimbursements of their medical bills or the evolution of their savings or investment plan directly from their smart phone. They also receive notifications and personalized updates of their files.

The icing on the cake… in just one click MyAxa enables its clients to contact emergency services or make an insurance claim, with photos to back it up from wherever they are with their telephone. In the case they need emergency services the client is put in direct contact with AXA Assistance which organizes help using local service providers. “It is the real Swiss army knife of mobile Apps” according to Pascal Nepper, for whom it is the “all in one” feature of the product plus its streamlined navigation and its easy to use format that drives its success, including with the more mature customers.

 A user friendly App


The App is installed in a matter of minutes on all types of smartphones and tablets using a social security number or AXA client account number plus a simple email address for the user login. Once activated the App is made secure via a personal pin code or a unique digital fingerprint.

At the Nepper-Weyland agency, which has the highest number of MyAxa users, the App doesn’t replace the close customer relationship or their availability to see the clients.  On the contrary it means a better service offering and saves everybody time. Mrs Weyland and Mr Nepper know that their customers are just one click away from their agency.

Some facts and figures on the MyAxa App

  • App available in three languages: French, English and German, set up automatically to match the language used when downloading.
  • App downloaded 3000 times
  • Over 1100 regular users who stay on the App for an average of 4 minutes

For more information on AXA Insurance Company Luxembourg click here.

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