Child care solutions in Luxembourg

Faire garder ses enfantsAre you living in Luxembourg and looking for a child care solution? Just Arrived has identified the best addresses in Luxembourg, be it to find a Nanny, baby sitter, housekeeper or even a Nursery, any child care structure that will suit to your needs.

Financial grants for child care solutions

Remember to consult the services of the Accueil-enfance portal with the Chèque-Service-Accueil. It will provide you with financial assistance for your child up to 12 years old.

Nurseries, the most conventional child care structure in Luxembourg

One of the most common ways to look after your children in Luxembourg is crèches.
There are a large number of them in the country, each one with particular criteria. Private crèches, subsidized or municipal nurseries, with a large garden, a playground, organic food, animals, practicing multilingualism, … You will undoubtedly find a quality nursery near you to look after your children.

Private nurseries

There are many private crèches and nurseries in Luxembourg.
You will be able to find private structures, close to your home. You can find 2 adresses below.
This list is of course not exhaustive, we encourage you to visit the nurseries close to your home or work to see the one that best meets your expectations

Municipal nurseries, Maisons Relais

Municipalities generally have a crèche and municipal daycare service to offer. Priority is of course given to residents of the municipality, both parents are active. Rates vary according to parents’ income.

The Maisons Relais act on behalf of municipalities and offer a system of daycare, or even canteen, for children enrolled at the fundamental school of Luxembourg. This is offered on school days and during holiday periods. They propose many extra curricular activities for your children.

Check with your municipality of residence.

Day-care structures – City of Luxembourg

Day-care centers in the City of Luxembourg are exclusively concerned with the extra-curricular supervision of children of school age (3-12 years) enrolled in the Luxembourg school system in the City of Luxembourg. Children are attached to the centre in their neighborhood.  These centers also work during the school holidays.

All information, prices and the registration form can be found on the website

State nurseries

Places are limited in these nurseries are limited and you have to sign up in advance.

Selection criteria:

  • family/social situation,
  • special needs (handicaps, …).

Prices are adapted to income. More information on Office National de l’Enfance website.

Want to see other extra-curricular activities ?

Extra-curricular activities for your child

Kideaz is a website for the family and kids. Extra-curricular activities for children, nurseries and useful good addresses, …
Kideaz informs you on how to occupy and to keep your children in Luxembourg. A “parents” blog and a complete agenda are also available on the website.

Other childcare systems in Luxembourg

Are you looking for a more personal, made to measure solution? Luxembourg also offers a rich and varied range of homemaker services, nannies and babysitters.

Nanny, Parental assistant

Parental assistants are those who are paid to take care of minors on a regular basis day or night. This type of childcare allows a certain flexibility which is not necessarily offered by nurseries, childcare centres and day-care.

Parental assistants are also possible. Among the most famous references, Arcus ASBL, Krank Kanner Doheem Service (especially for sick children) or the AFP-Solidarité-Famille association.

Parental assistance consists of the regular care and paid, day or night, of minor children. This type of care offers flexibility for working parents, which is not necessarily offered in childcare facilities such as nurseries, day care homes and bridging homes.

Any Parental Assistant must be in possession of an approval from the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth. The agency Dageselteren trains to the functions of parental assistant.
Nannies, caregivers, babysitters and housekeepers

You will find in the websites like,, many offers of nannies and other babysitters.

Municipal administrations often have an up-to-date list of babysitters who can keep your child in the municipality. Check with your municipality.

Your young boy or girl wants to become a babysitter? AFP Solidarité-Famille trains future babysitters.

Young girls or young men Au Pair

The “au pair” remains a very good childcare solution to consider as soon as you can welcome someone within the family for a fixed period.

This means that the “au pair” is hired to care for the childran and to perform light and routine tasks within the family. In return you lodge, feed him, allow him to take language courses, grant him an allowance (pocket money), as well as days off.

The au pair is strictly regulated in Luxembourg to avoid any abuse. Even if it is not regulated by the Labor Code, there are rights and duties for both parties. We explain here the steps to follow to welcome an au pair to your home as a full member of your family.

For any ideas of leisure activities with your children click here !

Declaration of your nanny or homeworker

Remember that you must declare your home childcare to the Social Security Center through a declaration of entry indicating the hourly wage at which you pay it.