Staying with a family and children in Luxembourg

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According to a study published in April 2019 by Nimblefins, an independent British data analysis site, Luxembourg is the 2nd European country after Sweden where it is nice to raise children. On the other hand, the Grand Duchy ranks 1st in the field of Health and Safety.

Young Luxembourg residents benefit from good air quality and sufficient sporting activities, as evidenced by the forest walks and nature activities offered by various organisations.

In addition, the vaccination rate and medical monitoring in schools is optimal. Access to health care is easy thanks to an offensive health policy.

34% of young people benefit from higher education and what about language learning in schools? In other words, our children benefit from an ideal environment in which to grow up.

In this section, you will find all the information you need to take care of your family and to look after your children’s education and leisure in Luxembourg.



To help you settle and integrate in Luxembourg, as a resident or cross-border commuter, download our practical Just Arrived guides on Luxembourg.

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