Health and wellness in Luxembourg

In case of emergency:

Call 112 – free emergency call number 24/7 for all vital emergency help.

How to manage an emergency ? More information here.

Web portal sante.luThe Health Portal launched by the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg in 2009 provides relevant information on medical and health topics to individuals and health professionals. website

  • emergency numbers and care services to contact when needed,
  • guidance for health promotion and medical prevention by topic or by age group for sensitive people such as young children, pregnant women or seniors,
  • reports on important health issues, background files on health,
  • information on diseases, symptoms, causes and practical advice for curing, medical tests and procedures,
  • details on reimbursement of healthcare costs,
  • a complete list of the healthcare and social partners, the follow-up of the Minister of Health’s agenda,
  • information on the agreement/authorisation process for healthcare professionals, regulations concerning these medical professions and the diplomas required to practice in Luxembourg,
    job offers in the field of health,
  • news concerning health in Luxembourg such as the eventual recall of food products, the heat wave plan, … with a history of month by month and year after year,
  • medical event calendar,
  • healthcare-related legislation, health policy in Luxembourg, health plans,
  • various medical publications,
  • health promotion and prevention campaigns run by the Ministry of Health. website and app app

To have at your disposal, all the information on health in Luxembourg, download the app available on smartphone and tablet. You will find answers to frequently asked questions such as on-call services in hospitals or medical homes or emergency numbers. You will also be able to locate the general practitioners available nearby thanks to “Dispo Doc”.

Download the app on Apple andt Google Play stores.

More information on health and well-being in Luxembourg.

Health and Wellness Guide Luxembourg
Guide Just Arrived Luxembourg Edition 2019-2020

Thanks to our guide, discover useful information about health and medical care: health organisations, health-related procedures, hospitals, doctors, nurses, other medical professions, reimbursement of medical care…

You will also find all kinds of information about schools, how to find a job… to acquire marks and integrate quickly, to live well in your new country.