Outings and hobbies in Luxembourg

Are you living in Luxembourg and need a change of scenery? Luxembourg is a very diverting country that offers lots of options if you want to go out or make the most of your spare time with various hobbies.

We keep you informed about the touristic activities you can do in Luxembourg or in the neighbouring countries such as Belgium, France or Germany.

Do you want to find yourself or your children a hobby? In this section, we offer you a wide and diverse range of activities to practice on your own or with your family: reading sessions at the library, musical or artistic activities, sports, art galleries, cinemas; theatres and other cultural centres.

Do you want to go out at night or on the weekend? Luxembourg has plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, be it in Luxembourg city or around. Read our calendar of the annual events not to miss.

Are you looking for a babysitter? We have what you need.

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Visiting, travelling in Luxembourg or in the neighbouring countries : France, Belgium, Germany


Outings and hobbies in Luxembourg guide


The Luxembourg resident handy guide will provide you with all the good addresses and must-see places in Luxembourg and its boarder countries.

You will also find all the information you need when living in the Grand Duchy in order to discover Luxembourg’s many different facets