Facilities and financial aid for lifelong learning for adults

Lifelong learning is a predominant objective in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The offer is developed and with costs that can seem little important with regard to the quality of the proposed trainings.
It is also possible under certain conditions to benefit from financing aids, as individuals or as a company.

In-service training

The offer in trainings is important in Luxembourg for all those who want to transform themselves or to improve their knowledge and skills in highly varied sectors.

The courses for adults are proposed in the form of seminaries, evening courses, within the framework of university education or within the framework of professional certifications. You will find numerous information about in-service training with the following organizations.

Chamber of Trade

The Chamber of Trade of Luxembourg, if you need information about trainings in the crafts field or aimed at entrepreneurs: food, fashion, construction, mechanics, management, organisation…

House of training

The House of Training is the training body born from the merger of the Luxembourg School for Commerce (LSC), training body of the Chamber of Commerce, and the IFBL, training organisation of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association. The “House of Training” of the Chamber of Commerce,  offers in-service trainings in 19 domains among which HR, real estate, business administration, accounting, law, insurances, banking, trading…

The training offer of the House of Training targets both employees and employers and adapts to changes in legislation and news to meet the needs of the Luxembourgish market. Its 700 courses have different formats: seminars, day classes, evening classes and conferences. The main language is French, but some conferences and courses are in German or English.

In addition to continuing education in various disciplines (economics, marketing, law, tax, etc.), a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is offered in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg. All registrations are online.


lifelong-learning.lu is the national portal for lifelong learning. It centralises the provision of continuing training in Luxembourg (more than 10,000 courses offered by 300 public, private and voluntary training organisations). The site also refers to all training assistance schemes for individuals and companies and is managed by INFPC, the National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training, under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth

Ministry of Education

On the website of the Ministry of Education, Childhood and Youth for all the information about the financing of the training, the training leaves…

ADEM Agency for the Development of Employment

The ADEM (Agence pour le Développement de l’Emploi), in certain cases and with the “Aide à la Formation Professionnelle” can take care of a part of the training fees within the framework of a professional project. Inquire with your councillor if you are registered with the ADEM as a job seeker.

To know more about job search in Luxembourg.

You wish to learn Luxembourgish or another language, or to improve your mastery of a language? Consult our page dedicated to the offer of linguistic trainings.

Financial support for lifelong learning

Both individuals and companies can benefit from funding assistance for vocational training.

Co-funding for companies

Companies can apply for co-funding from the state through the INFPC. This co-funding aid of up to 15% of the cost of the training investment made by the company for its staff-training. It can be increased in certain specific cases. More information here.

Support for individuals

Financial support

Special leave for vocational training

Employee, self-employed or freelance professions wishing to take vocational training as part of their work may apply for an individual training leave of up to 80 days over the duration of their professional life. Learn more.

This individual training leave may be up to 200 hours in the course of learning Luxembourgish.

Adjustment of working hours

Employees working in company practicing flexible working hours may ask for hours arrangement. Learn more.

Unpaid training leave

Under certain conditions, it is also possible for an employee in the private sector to benefit from an interruption of his obligations with his employer and take an unpaid training leave, provided he has seniority of over 2 years at this employer. More information here.

You can also obtain information from the various chambers representing employees or trades.