Adult training offer in Luxembourg

Continuing education for adults, professional or not, is a major issue in Luxembourg. The offer of adult training is very important, with an investment which might be very low given the quality of the training proposed., website for training in Luxembourg

The reference training portal is a must in the field of education for adults in Luxembourg. It gathers more than 7,000 courses offered by the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth, training bodies of professional chambers, associations and private training organizations. It also provides all the information on training benefits, orientation, diplomas, etc.
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Professional continuous education in Luxembourg

The training offer for adults is important in Luxembourg. All those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in one field or another, might find easily a training course.

Adult courses are offered as seminars, evening classes, university courses or professional certifications.

You will find a lot of information on continuing professional education at:

  • the “Chambre des Métiers de Luxembourg” for information on vocational training in the field of crafts and for entrepreneurs: food, fashion, construction, mechanics, management, organization, …
  • The “House of Training” of the “Chambre de Commerce” for all continuing professional training in 19 areas including HR, real estate, business management, accounting, law, insurance, banking, trade,…
  • on the website of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth for all information on the financing of training, individual training leave, …
  • the ADEM (Employment Development Agency) can also, in some cases, with the “Assistance to vocational training” pay part of the training costs in the context of a professional project. Ask your advisor if you are registered with ADEM as a jobseeker.

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