Water, gas, electricity: energy suppliers

Are you arriving in Luxembourg? Once you have chosen your accommodation, and during your moving in in your new house or apartment in Luxembourg, you will have to make the necessary steps to get connected to the various sources of energy: water, gas and electricity networks.
If you can to freely choose your gas or electricity supplier, you must instead contact the municipal services of your place of residence for the supply of water.
If you rent an apartment, a house or live in collective residence, you can be charged by the owner for the energy (water, gas, electricity) during your statement of monthly loads. Inquire when visiting or signing for your lease.

Connecting to the water network with your municipality

The connection to the water network is within the competence of your municipality. You have to ask for the connection as soon as possible, upon your move. For the City of Luxembourg, contact the Water Department or the Bierger Center directly.
You can take advantage of it to declare your new residence.
You will be directly charged for your consumption by the municipal administration at the same time as your trash cans taxes.
Think of sorting out your waste and of recycling…

Subscription and connection to the gas

You are free to choose your gas supplier and can therefore put you in direct contact with the chosen service providers.
For an easy connection, check with previous owners or tenants to find out which service providers were already providing the service that you can take back or ask your municipality of residence.
If you want to change supplier, the new provider takes care of the formalities through a mandate that you entrusted to him when signing the new contract. However, be aware of the conditions and deadlines for cancellation.
The Luxembourg Institute of Regulation answers all your questions concerning the gas supply on ilr.lu. You can also compare offers from different suppliers.

Subscription and connection to the electricity network

On the same principle as the one described above for gas, you can freely choose your electricity service provider. The procedure is the same whether you want to keep your predecessor’s provider or want to change. Even there, the Luxembourg Institute of Regulation answers all of your questions on your electric subscription on ilr.lu.

Compare the prices of the gas or electricity suppliers to choose the best service provider

Take advantage of the price comparator provided by the Luxemburg Institute of Regulation (ILR) to choose the best offer of electricity or gas supply on the basis of your zip code and of the number of persons in your household.
You will then be able to choose the best supplier and download directly useful documents to complete for change of provider.