Art3f, international contemporary art fair

  • 27/Sep/2024
  • LuxExpo Luxembourg
Art3f Contemporary art fair Luxembourg
Art3f Contemporary art fair Luxembourg

Event description

Art3f, a benchmark in contemporary art for the general public

Art3f and Art Gallery have become contemporary art references for the general public in Luxembourg and Europe. Totally uncomplicated, these contemporary art fairs aim above all to make contemporary art affordable to all audiences.

Every year, the art3f fairs travel between France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg. They return to Luxembourg on September 27-29, 2024.

A visit to art3f gives you the opportunity to fall under the spell of a contemporary work of art, ideal for furnishing your new Luxembourg interior .

The art3f Show is a place for people who have fallen in love with art, regardless of any considerations or prejudices relating to contemporary art.

Whether you're passionate about contemporary art or simply curious, a visit to the art3f fair is a moment suspended in time. As you wander the aisles and visit the stands manned by artists or their representatives, it's easy to make contact. Human interaction is at the heart of the relationship. You can let yourself be carried away by your emotions in front of a work of art, painting or sculpture.

The art3f fair is also an opportunity to acquire contemporary works of art, at very affordable prices.

Totally dedicated to contemporary art production, the show attracts several thousand visitors every year. Visitors, art lovers and strollers alike, will be delighted.

Do you love contemporary art? Don't miss Luxembourg Art Week.

Art3f contemporary art show venue and times

art3f Luxembourg will be held at LuxExpo The Box in the Kirchberg district, at the following times: 

Friday, September 27: 4pm to 10pm, vernissages on the artists' stands at 6pm
Saturday, September 28: 11am to 8pm
Sunday, September 29: 11am to 7pm

More information on the art3f contemporary art fair

Contemporary art in Luxembourg

Do you love contemporary art and want to explore this field in Luxembourg? 

School of contemporary art

The EAC Luxembourg contemporary art school offers a wide range of courses and workshops for all ages and levels. Whether you're looking for a professional training program or a simple course for children, EAC has all the ministerial authorizations required to offer you the contemporary art training you need. The school is located in the Hollerich district.

Contemporary art museums in Luxembourg

For lovers of contemporary art, the MUDAM offers museum collections dedicated to contemporary art. The Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'Art Contemporain focuses on contemporary art. Be sure to visit these two Luxembourg museums.

Contemporary artists from Luxembourg

Luxembourg is home to many contemporary artists.

These include

  • Marco Godinho, a Luxembourger of Portuguese origin, who represented Luxembourg at the 2019 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, with his "Written by Water" notebooks. His work is regularly featured in public collections
  • Bettina Scholl-Sabatini, Luxembourg sculptor of Italian origin. Her metal works can be seen in many of the country's churches. You'll recognize her vision in Mélusina Mater, the 5-metre-high statue at the entrance to the CHL Maternity Hospital.
  • Su-Mei-Tsé, multi-talented artist from Luxembourg. She was awarded a Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2003.
  •  Tina Gillen represented Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale in 2022 with a series of paintings.
  • Start date :
  • 27/09/2024


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