Rosport springs, natural mineral water

Sources Rosport S.A. 28, route d'EchternachL-6580 Rosport

TEL: 408 403 - 1


As a local producer of natural mineral water in Luxembourg, Sources Rosport strives for continuous improvement in quality. The company achieves this by scrupulously respecting the environment and a series of eco-responsible values.

Sources Rosport water and fruit juices produced in Luxembourg

Founded in 1959, Sources Rosport S.A. produces mineral water from a naturally sparkling source, Rosport Classic, a highly sparkling water, and Rosport Blue, a slightly sparkling water, as well as from a natural non-carbonated mineral water source, Viva.

The Rosport product range is completed by Rosport Pom's, a sparkling spring water mixed with apple juice, and Rosport mat, an assortment of naturally carbonated water, flavored with lemon, lime, mint and grapefruit, and finally a range of still water mixed with 5% orange, lemon-lime or peach juice.

The quest for excellence by a 100% Luxembourg company

The vocation of this 100% Luxembourg-owned SME is not only to seduce thousands of consumers with the unique taste of its waters, the rich and balanced mineral composition and the variety of its products, but also to insist on the pursuit of excellence. Respect for the environment, social responsibility and safety in the workplace are an integral part of the company's culture - efforts recognized by ISO certification and other labels.

A natural commitment to respecting our environment

Sources Rosport S.A. has been working for years to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and make environmentally responsible management decisions. For example, its decision not to export its products has a positive impact on the company's carbon footprint. Journeys from source to consumer, and therefore CO2 emissions, are thus reduced to an absolute minimum.

In the same vein, Sources Rosport has re-evaluated the distances of its various suppliers' sites from its production site in Rosport, in order to also reduce emission rates linked to the transportation of raw materials.

Eco-responsible initiatives and closed-loop recycling

Sources Rosport offers returnable glass bottles in a range of formats, as well as PET bottles to keep up with the offerings of major international brands. To be able to meet demand, while respecting its convictions, efforts have been made since 2011.

Rosport bottles in recycled PET

With this in mind, Sources Rosport initially sought to reduce the PET material used in its bottles, saving 37 tonnes in the year of the changeover.

In a second phase, the company focused on the recycled PET content, known as "rPET", of its bottles. Currently, Rosport Viva, Rosport Blue and Rosport mat bottles contain 50% rPET. Rosport Classic bottles, meanwhile, are made from 25% rPET and 75% Bio PET, a PET derived from sugarcane.

With the launch of the new Rosport Sunny product, Sources Rosport now offers a bottle made from 100% recycled PET (rPET). This marks a turning point for the company, which is committed to replacing the containers in its entire range with 100% rPET.

Circular economy for Rosport bottles

In line with the principle of the circular economy, in 2014 the company signed an agreement with Valorlux and Plastipak LuxPET. This guarantees that the collected Rosport Sources PET bottles are returned to the recycling circuit after use, to become, among other things, a new PET bottle.

With this in mind, Sources Rosport has decided not to export its products, so that it can work within a closed circuit system, in the hope that each of its bottles can be recycled ad infinitum.

Rosport waters can be found in Luxembourg's restaurants and bars , or while shopping.

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