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As the world leader in insurance, AXA gives its customers the means to live a better, more secure life.

AXA Luxembourg's ambition is to give its customers the means to live a better life. AXA, the world's leading insurance company, supports its individual customers at every stage of their lives. It also helps businesses and professionals to undertake more serenely.

AXA Assurances Luxembourg serves its customers through 5 core values, in order to develop a long-term relationship with them: professionalism, innovation, pragmatism, integrity and team spirit.

Insurance services in Luxembourg

AXA is a world leader in insurance services. The insurance company offers products tailored to the private needs of its individual customers in the areas ofcar, home, health, savings, tax, retirement and providentinsurance.

Insurance solutions for professionals and businesses

Whatever your profession, the sector in which you operate or the size of your business, AXA Assurances Luxembourg has the right insurance solutions for you. With AXA, you'll find insurance policies designed to protect your company's activities, its managers and employees.

AXA Assurances also offers solutions to motivate your employees.

So whatever your situation and business needs, there are many AXA insurance agents throughout Luxembourg to answer all your questions. See AXA Assurances agents in Luxembourg

MyAxa, interactive services for your insurance needs

Who doesn't dream of a tool that can lighten the load of our daily administrative tasks and turn the chore of paperwork into a few life-saving clicks, especially when it comes to insurance?

MyAxa, the complete insurance app

The MyAxa app, developed by AXA, offers a smart way to manage your insurance directly from your smartphone.

MyAXA has succeeded in bringing together a complete range of interactive mobile insurance services in a single application. Optimizedand easy to use, the MyAXA insurance app is available 24 hours a day.

You can keep track of your insurance contracts, claims and reimbursements for your health and that of your family .

Thanks to MyAXA, insurance services, you can also call AXA Luxembourg assistance services or make an appointment with your insurance agent.

The application is of course free for all AXA Assurances customers.

Today, the majority of AXA Luxembourg insurance company customers use the application on a regular basis. For this predominantly active, highly connected clientele, MyAXA has become a must-have.

MyAXA, manage your insurance on your mobile

MyAXA is a scalable application available in 3 languages (French, English, German). The AXA Luxembourg insurance app lets you manage all your insurance contracts, whether auto, home, health, retirement savings or provident, directly on your mobile. All MyAXA users can use their smartphone to keep track, for example, of their healthcare reimbursements, or the progress of their savings or investment plan. Policyholders also receive personalized notifications and updates on their files!

The icing on the cake is the one-click MyAXA Insurance app, which lets customers call emergency services or report a claim with photos, wherever they are, using their phone...

If emergency services are required, the customer is put directly in touch with the assistance service via a direct assistance button. AXA Assistance then organizes assistance with local service providers. With its streamlined navigation and ease of use, the MyAXA Insurance app is a real success in Luxembourg, even with more mature customers.

A user-friendly insurance application in Luxembourg

The MyAXA Assurances application takes just a few minutes to install on any smartphone or tablet. All you need is an AXA Assurances social security or customer account number, and a simple email address to log in.

Once activated, the secure insurance application can be accessed directly via a personal pin code or a unique fingerprint unlock.

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