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INFPC Vocational training Luxembourg

The INFPC, National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training is a public body under the supervision of the Luxembourg Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth. It is responsible for promoting continuing vocational training in the Grand Duchy, in particular through the training portal.

INFPC: Promotion and financing of continuing vocational training

As part of its mission, the INFPC offers an information service and the promotion of continuing education for adults in Luxembourg. The INFPC is in charge of media coverage of the training and the creation of appropriate tools. The mission of the Training Observatory is to build detailed statistical knowledge and produce reliable qualitative analyzes in the area of training.

The INFPC is also the privileged interlocutor of companies for all requests for assistance and co-financing of training with the Luxembourg government. Learn more about the State’s co-financing policy. You will also find on this site a calculator for calculating co-financing by the State.

Individuals can also access state aid for continuing training. To know more.

Continuing vocational training portal

lifelonglearning Luxembourg

The reference training portal is a must in the field of training in Luxembourg. Managed by the INFPC, this portal is a real gold mine for finding training suited to your career path and your desire for professional development.

A search engine by keywords or by field of activity will allow you to find, among nearly 10,000 training courses, the continuing education, the diploma and the training organization that correspond to your expectations. It lists the training courses offered by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth to improve general skills in areas as varied as sewing, accounting, the use of computer software.

You will also find there the courses for adults given by the training bodies of the Professional Chambers such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Trades or associations and private training organizations.

It also provides all the useful information on training aid, guidance, diplomas, etc., or the training required in the context of acquiring Luxembourg nationality or in the context of the employment contract. reception and CAI integration.

There is also a newsletter at the following number: 26 20 40.

More information on employment and continuing training in Luxembourg

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