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Enovos Luxembourg


Enovos is one of the major players in the supply of energy in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

With Enovos, supply your home or offices with 100% green electricity produced in Europe or locally, whether from hydro, solar, wind or biomass sources. Several offers available: “Fix Naturstroum”, “Naturstroum” and “Nova Naturstroum”.
You can also request Enovos to help you in a photovoltaic installation for your home and then produce your own 100% green electricity.

With its gas supply offers, “Fix Natursgaz”, “Naturgaz” and “Nova Naturgaz”, Enovos offers its customers a more natural, environmentally friendly gas, produced mainly from biomethan.

Enovos invests in respect for the environment by developing ecomobility. It offers a range of charging stations for electric cars at home and public charging stations to recharge your electric vehicle.

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