Flibco, Charleroi airport shuttle

With Flibco, travel smart to Brussels-Charleroi airport (CRL) from Luxembourg. Or to return.

Airport bus transfer service

Flibco is a bus transfer service that connects European cities and airports. Simple, affordable and eco-responsible to and from the airport.

In Luxembourg, the stop is at the P+R Bouillon. The transfer shuttle takes you directly to Charleroi airport, with a single stop in Arlon, Belgium.
The journey takes 2h30 and costs from just 19.90 euros.

Plan and enjoy your trip

Planning your trip is simple, economical and reliable. No more worries about parking on arrival at the airport.
You can book your tickets online and secure your place, even during peak travel periods.
What's more, tickets can be cancelled and exchanged up to 6 hours before departure.

Planning your trip to and from Charleroi airport (CRL) has never been easier.

So book your transfer from Luxembourg to Charleroi airport in Belgium now. Booking and payment are just a few clicks away via the flibco.com app or website.

For more information on the Luxembourg Charleroi shuttle, visit our page.

Flibco also operates routes to Frankfurt airport in Germany.

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