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Battaklang: The fun mobile App to learn Luxembourgish in the digital era

Do you want to learn Luxembourgish like playing candy Crush?

Luxembourgish made easy, but especially made fun is now possible: you just need the Battaklang phone App! If you have always wanted to learn Luxembourgish but thought you weren’t good at languages… that is about to change!


Camilla & Karine - with Béatrice Warichet - La, the creator of the Battaklang App which caught their attention@ ICT spring 2017

Have a go!

If you don’t seem to get any further than “Moien”, “Addi”, “Villmols merci”.. then Battaklang, the App created by Béatrice Warichet ( who the Just Arrived team met at the last ICT Fair, may just have the thing you need to get you learning Luxembourgish.

“Learning a language is difficult. Learning 1000 words is child’s play”.

Convinced that we learn better whilst playing, she launched the mobile App Battaklang, an App to learn 1000 Luxembourgish words through her company
Battaklang’s promise: you click, you play, you learn. No effort, no stress and you can play anywhere, 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there. You make your way up through the levels, Phone App gamers are sure to enjoy it!

A Battaklang to suit all tastes!

Battaklang is a free App available on the App store that can be upgraded with Battaklang Vocal (for a fee) or à la carte options (InApp). You can for example upgrade the App to include “Add Verbs” to get more vocabulary. Another option “Help English” helps you learn Luxembourgish with English.

The App works by association of a word and an image. To create an image for the App Battaklang, Béatrice starts with her list of words and then creates the best image. She draws the image both in front view and in side view,  avoiding perspectives and cultural connotations. “I wanted the association between the word and the image to be as quick as possible without need for interpretation” explained Béatrice Warichet.

The simple method of Battaklang works

Her small company (she works alone in front of her 3 computers, 5 iPhones and 2 tablets) develops the rules of the game, the images, the storyboard, re works the sounds and since the beginning of the year is developing mini animations.
Drawing from her experience of 20 years in HR in large corporate groups and from the development of her game App, Béatrice Warichet is now able to market a corporate version of her tool to companies who seem to respond very well to the Battaklang concept of language learning by playing.

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